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Automation: Filtering Guardian Market List

I would like to try and filter the Guardian market list on horse racing so that I only have races with at least ten minutes between the start times, discarding races that are too close together. I don't care which races I keep or discard. Has anyone found an easy way to do this?

Bfexplorer Solution:

Bfexplorer Console allows executing a script written to automate this kind of automation.


How does it work?

Bfexplorer Console has access to bfexplorer app, so it load named events, the events from My Favourite Events (line 19) , and evaluate such data, in this case filter markets/races with at least ten minutes between the start times (lines 23 - 44).

If we want automatically start a strategy we use “Strategy / Bot Executor” tool, our automation script loads such strategy on the line 46, the strategy settings is named: "Start Monitoring".

"Start Monitoring" bot setting is created by using the bot called: “Execute at Time”.

In this case we actually do not want to execute any bot strategy, but force “Strategy / Bot Executor” tool, to open the race at set time, so 10 minutes before race starts. Therefore we leave BotName parameter empty, set the parameter TimeSpanType to From Bot Start, and UseSetMarketInactive to True (checked). The last parameter is important, because “Strategy / Bot Executor” tool is programmed so that if market status is changed to “Inactive”, and on the market is still running a bot strategy, then such market is removed from “Strategy / Bot Executor” and automatically opens in “Bet Event” view.

This kind of strategy is very usefull even when you trade manually on ladders, because your trading market is automatically open at set time, and as well, if you have got special trigger built, it can make automatic analyze for instance comparing max/min offered odds  of horses on bookmakers, or list tipster selections for the race, and so on.

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