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Custom bot script - quick help

Hi Stefan, I would like test some trading case. I need modify Place bet bot.   UPDATE: 4-July-2015 Key features: 1)  Place bet at concrete Odds - I have list of Odds on which I want place a bet, and Stakes ... for example:   2) Place bet only when additional variable ...

Ladder font size

Hello, I really like the appealing layout of this application esp. the ladder view. As I mainly trade horses inrunning using the ladder I would like to know whether it`s possible to reduce the font size/row height of the ladders so that a wider range of odds could be displayed without having to ...

Results of trading cycles vs. staking plans

In a fully automated trading I need any tool for evaluation of trading. For example: the robot Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position traded 20 cycles...Is it better use flat staking plan or not? Can I upgrade behavior of the bot? How And where? ----------------------------- Any hint or ...

Trigger betting from spreadsheet

Have made several attempts (not with Bfexplorer) to trigger bets into betfair via Excel spreadsheets.I am able to get my results records to load into the spreadsheet OK,but i cannot see any reference to there a way to operate trigger betting within Bfexplorer? I am ...

Some minor issues

€ vs. Kč

Execute Trigger Bot - how it works?

image link Please, is it possible explain how this bot works?1-2 sentences about the bot, and about values, what is TriggerFile etc.  

Projected profit

Hi, nothing important... but Profit column show hedged profit. But If 10 Euro matched at 11 ... can not be profit 5.80 at 12!In this case the Profit column in Bfexplorer can show Projected profit... (5,04 at 12 odds, etc.)

Settings of many bots - UPDATE

UPDATE forum article: 19 jul 2015 ------------------------ Hi, how can I set many bots? For example:I have a trading strategy on Horse racing markets which automatically trading in 30 zones (1.96-2.06, 6.40-7.60, ...)I need set every bot (in my case basic Place Bet bot). Is there any ...

Bet Event Trader - Ladders

How can I change order of ladders? (by LPT, Selection name, BF order, ...)   ------------------------ 2) Is it possible create custom Trading Ladders? (\Aplication\Settings\Trading Ladders)With new design, function, etc. ??

My New trading grid

  Hi guys, I am new... I have a question for the "My New trading grid".It looks like "Ladder" but with reduced "Ticks", usefull for In-play trading, ladder without centering etc. Is it possible modify the ladder? -------------------- Second question: is it possible to ...