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Some minor issues

€ vs. Kč

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  • Mir.
    19.7.2015 18:38:08


    1) indicators: For me (in this function) is not usefull. There is confusing situation. Weight money totally destroyed the view on the greyhound market.

    2) Better is when a part of column is under-colored and I see where is the edge of trading. Especially usefull for In-play trading with huge GAPs

  • Mir.
    19.7.2015 20:00:12

    Reversed ladder:

    Because people have natural habit to put bet (Offers) between other bets. Simple.

    Technically is the same - for bots, not for people.

  • Mir.
    19.7.2015 23:20:00


    Some problems with activation... I think it is on Betfair side

  • Mir.
    20.7.2015 0:03:15

    Cancel bet At In-Play... doesn't work.

    Practice mode, Horse racing GB win markets, bets placed through Bet Event Trader...



  • Mir.
    20.7.2015 0:10:39

    Activation is OK!

  • Stefan
    20.7.2015 9:18:22

    In some case betfair takes activation just couple seconds, sometimes you need to wait minutes.

  • Mir.
    25.7.2015 23:31:42

    Filter editor - Score AND Time Is greater than 01:25:00 shows matches with 19 or 59 minutes

  • Stefan
    26.7.2015 9:05:17

    In this case the time is not represented by TimeSpan value which correct text representation is in the form you typed: 1:25:00 (hours:minutes:seconds), but just an integer value, like you can see 84 minutes. So in the filter type: 85

  • Mir.
    26.7.2015 14:45:23

    Bet Event Trader
    Can you add SORT button (Sort Ascending LTP + center Ladders) with keyboard shortcut (space)?

  • Stefan
    26.7.2015 21:25:59

    I have just released updated version adding this shortcut to Bet Event Trader.