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Named Selections Horse Racing

Is it out of fashion to place a bet on a named horse selection....either to win or lose? Most of the bots now adays seem to be heavily biased towards trading. Are there any forumites out there who are still backing named selections? There are plenty of bots which enable bet placement but the reverse is the case regarding bots coded to a set method of selection and staking. Any ideas?

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  • Stefan
    7.7.2015 13:02:03

    I made a video showing how you can use bfexplorer to execute your betting or trading strategy on selected market selections.

    Bfexplorer is able to monitor a lot of markets concurrently, and run bots on such markets as well. Manually opening a lot of markets and executing bots on them make sense only if your betting/trading strategy involves market price monitoring for long period of time before bet placement is actually triggered.

    If your strategy needs to execute a triggered bet placement just couple seconds before horse racing start, then you should use Bot Executor tool, and if you manually select your market selections then you should use Bot Executor for Selections tool.

    Both tools start market monitoring automatically at time you set, and continue market monitoring till action bot is active on the market.

    In my video I used OLBG web site to bet or trade on free tips offered by users of this web site. You can see that opening markets using bfexplorer Bet Event Browser is not as complicated as you could assume. You open Upcoming events and filter by event type, in my case Soccer, and/or Horse racing. Then you can use searching capabilities of bfexplorer to find desired market, or selection.

    On my video can be seen that searching capabilities are supported by all grid views, I searched for preconfigured bots in My Bots view as well.

    Bot Executor for Selections tool uses Bet Event or Market Selections view to add your market selections. You select your market selection and add it to Bot Executor for Selections by clicking on context menu (right click mouse button) Add Market Selection to Bot Executor.

    After adding your sections to this tool you can assign an action bot you want to execute on these market selections. The tool uses My Bots preconfigured bots, so you can execute different betting or trading strategies on these selections. In my video I set to back one selection, and lay two other selections, on the one market selection I set to execute back trading bot to close position hedging for 3 ticks profit.

    All bfexplore bot are configurable using a lot of parameters. For now there is only one bot supporting target triggered continuation of betting or trading on more markets: Execute Till Target Profit.

    On the other hand bfexplorer offers Bfexplorer BOT SDK so if you are familiar with programming you can create your own custom bot to executed different methods of market selection or staking plan execution.

    It is almost impossible to create a universal solution for market selection, bet triggering and staking plan execution, just by constructing bots with preset parameters.

    As I said those familiar with programming can use Bfexplorer BOT SDK to program anything, for the rest I will try to make some kind of scripting bot.

  • bige95334
    1.8.2015 21:16:02

    Stefan, Am in great difficuly in gettig the bot name into the Bot executor for Selections. i think perhaps am not doing things in the right order, or have not constructed my Lay for 1.05 correctly.

    At one stage it was OK but i messed it up and havn't managed to get it right despite watching your video.It could be that my brain is ceasing to function due to my age!!

    If i want separate selections for several races...should this be done 1 race at a time, or can the process be applied on a group od races. I do not seem to be of much help on the forum so far...being preoccupied with my own difficulties.At this stage i am trying to place a bot to Lay 1.o5 on each section.

  • Stefan
    2.8.2015 11:16:07

    Eric, I would like to see what you actually do, so if you are able to make video screencast then do so and publish it on youtube.

    On Monday we can use Teamviewer, or other desktop sharing app, so I can connect to your computer remotely and assist you with setting up your solution.

    You maybe never heard about desktop sharing or making video screencast, but Internet does, so just try to find some sources about it, and actually the best way for it is not to “google”, but directly search it on youtube, people do videos about everything, even about how to open a box.
    In my post here on forum, I asked you to specify what you actually want to do, as it is clear that I will have to prepare/develop a bot trigger for you.

    I am not trying to steal your strategy as you can describe it by general parameters you will be able to set in your bot trigger, not even saying about bot trigger main feature, and that is to execute your action bot. The action bot is defined/set in My Bots, so you are free to set anything to be your action bot in your bot trigger strategy, and that can be simple bet placing or trading bot, or even another bot trigger.