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My New trading grid


Hi guys, I am new...

I have a question for the "My New trading grid".
It looks like "Ladder" but with reduced "Ticks", usefull for In-play trading, ladder without centering etc.

Is it possible modify the ladder?


Second question:

is it possible to execute a bot from a ladder without selecting from context menu?
Only by clicking on a ladder (the My New trading grid)  - easy idea! - EVERY CELL CAN EXECUTE specific BOT...

The bot category - My New Trading Grid Bot [To Lay;1.78] = specific bot which execute when I click on the name of visible column [To Lay] and line(odds) [1.78]


My New Trading Grid Bot [To Lay;1.78]
My New Trading Grid Bot [To Back;20]
My New Trading Grid Bot [LPTV;1.90]
My New Trading Grid Bot [Odds;1.78]
My New Trading Grid Bot [Matched;1.78]...


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  • Stefan
    13.7.2015 18:03:34

    Your ladder can be built in simplified version using custom built bot and built-in bfexplorer spreadsheet.


    In this bot I implemented bot execution similar to the one you can use in bfexplorer ladder context menu, when declaring the bot category name: My Ladder Bot.

    In this case you can define/name your bots you want to execute from spreadsheet in columns B or E, when clicking on a cell with a bot name in the spreadsheet your bot is executed with changed BetType parameter of the bot depending on which column the bot name is, so B column sets Back, and E column sets Lay bet type for executed bot, if this bot supports BetType parameter, of course.

    You can see that I declared general trading bot (Trade 3 ticks) to be executed from the spreadsheet. For now I cannot see any value in your approach, but I find it interesting to include such bot in Bfexplorer BOT SDK, as a sample for using Bfexplorer Spreadsheet and custom built bot.

    I can see some advantage of using Bfexplorer Spreadsheet for building custom dashboards for some betting or trading solutions on more associated markets, or in any dashboard solution.

    For a common user what is offered in the card view of Open Markets view, is really enough to managing bet position on a lot of open markets.

    Bfexplorer spreadsheet can be used as well for data visualization, so it has some advantage for users who are familiar with bot programming.

    I build bespoke solutions for betfair, so your ladder with selected price ranges can be built, but that is a question of your budget you are willing to pay for development of custom built software for betfair.

  • Mir.
    13.7.2015 22:34:50

    OK. Thanks for demonstration what is possible in the Bfexplorer.


    I show you what I want, exactly, My New Trading Grid (Ladder), one click execution bots, ... and we can talk about bespoke solution...

  • Stefan
    14.7.2015 10:59:30

    Actually this spreadsheet ladder allows one click bot execution. You can type a bot name to every row on one or the other side of ladder.

    As I said I see some potential in spreadsheet dashboards, for instance in tennis trading you could prepare different execution plans for different match scenarios.

  • Mir.
    14.7.2015 12:10:07

    I see some potential in spreadsheet dashboards too. For long time strategies, absolutely!

    But I want use ladder+bots+one click bot executing on "high speed" trading (3-4 ticks or up to 2 minutes trades). I'm working on visualizing how I would want to trade on the ladder...

  • Mir.
    19.7.2015 2:27:01

    Hi, this is my idea.
    Trading Ladder with ability execute many predefined bots easily.
    How working "click on the cell" in column Profit if the open bet is matched? Same case...

    If I click on column: Lay and row: 3,20 i will execute the bot named "Lay Back €23,2 ticks"...

    If it is big problem with columns Lay, Back etc. you can create the new one; Bot Exec


    uploaded image

    My New Trading Ladder - screenshot