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Output View Shows Error Messages from Betfair

Hi guys. I can't seem to be able to place any bets in US horse markets. Can this software do this? I can place the bets in the Betafir site, and BFexplorer picks them up, they show up in the interface and can even be moved up and down the ladder.

But for some odd reason, it doesn't palce the bets in the ladder. What am I missing?

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  • Stefan
    23.6.2015 10:24:37

    Open the Output view clicking on the menu item View / Output. If betfair api refused to placed your bet then you could read the error message associated with this bet placing. I assume you will read the following message: Failed to place bet: INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS.

  • thesaint
    3.7.2015 17:00:26

    Yes, you are very right! It appeared I only had my window hidden! Thank you evry much!

  • thesaint
    3.7.2015 17:01:10

    Can I change the topic name? I feel it's not appropriate, as the error was on my part.