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Bot Project Inspiration

I need a program that will make bets on betfair through API based on data fetched from Data needed from flash score in 2 attachments (TotalsData and LineupsData). Lineups data normally appears 30 minutes before match starts. Bot should have a settings for conditions: - % of ...

Betfair BOT SDK Login Query

On the SDK I receive the following error message every time I try to run any solution in Visual Studio. “An unhandled exception of type 'System.Exception' occurred in BetfairApiConsole.exe  throw new Exception("Please enter your betfair user name and password!");”   Can you ...

In-Play Football Trading

Hi, New member here. I've spent a couple of days in Practice Mode trying to set up similar to what I've noted below but to no avail. I've watched a number of the videos but just can't seem to add the finishing touch. Any assistance as to what video I should be looking at or which bots to use would ...

Watched Selections

Stephan, Is it possible to have the total profit figure on each game selection in the watched dialogue. Currently it shows the + or - figures but not the total on each game? Regards, Jrranks

Database API Betfair

I wonder if I can keep stored in a the odds of a specific market database for later analysis.

Australian Horses v Harness

Hi Stefan, Is there a way of seperating horse racing in Australia, the Thorougbreds from Harness racing? I would prefer it in EVENTS box. At the moment I am choosing the courses every day for the Thoroughbreds, so takes time to check the Betfair page. I don't bet on Harness, too random. Thank ...

Tennis live game betting

Hello, Can you help me understanding programing bots, can you say how do i need to create a bot for example if  i want to bet on tennis game on live on Player1 to win 1,2...13 games, and if i win any of game, i quite. Thank You

Football Odds Criteria to Bet on Another Market

Hi, Loving the bfexplorer program, so have started to become more adventurous! I want to do the following: Check Match Odds for HOME team to be equal/under 1.50, and if positive, bet on Correct_Scores for 1-0, 2-0 and 3-0, if negative then no bet. I was looking at the bots a) "IF/THEN", "Execute ...

Bets activating before the off

Lets say I am wanting the same Bet Bot to be executed on every UK Win Horse race. How do I select the races I want to bet on in the morning and then the software only start backing or laying for eg 2 mins before the off on each individual race?   Any assistance greatfully apreciated

Activation of Subscription

I hope someone can assist me - I have recently paid for my subscription, I donated via paypal however I have not received any details in regards to the subscription code or any confirmation from this web site at all - just the confirmation from paypal.     Any assistance will be ...