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Tennis Bot Issue

Hi, yesterday at night I set my tennis bots and on one occasion bot fill kill didnt work properly. It should stopped after 22 minutes since it was activated and the bet was placed at 26th minute. See the picture below. Match Cornet Bouchard. There is some strange message at approx. 23 min of ...

Cant login to Australian Exchange

Hello guys! I cannot login into Australian Exchange. I am asked to prompt activation code which appears automatically on the screen than after pressing on # activate it says: Failed to activate betfair api subscription. I dont have problems to login into UK exchange. Also until today havent had any ...

Betfair link does not work

Hi Stefan: First wish you Happy New Year!! Betfair link does not work. See screenshot

Australian Markets

Is possible to open australian markets with bf explorer if i m a romanian? anyoane knows?

Web Page Login Problem

If you are using web page login and bfexplorer crashes after opening Login dialog, uninstall Windows update for Flash (KB3132372) to solve this problem. I noticed this problem running bfexplorer on Windows 10, after the Windows update has been installed.

Australian Wallet/Markets

Hello guys, Is there any way to see in bfexplorer australian markets ( events using betfair australian wallet ) ? I was browsing upcoming events and couldnt find any markets from Austalia. Thanks.

No Sound

Maybe i've missed a trick....but when a market turns in play or suspended there is no sound or colour change on the screen to inform you of the change. Is it possible to get a noise to sound off when the market has gone inplay and suspended? Also where it says suspended to change to the colour ...

Tennis - proposition additional conditions

[ Tennis BOT ] Tennis - proposition additional conditions. I suggest you add a condition associated with the final score in the 1st set. The Condition will cover the following results in the 1st set: 6:0, 6:1, 6:2, 6:3, 6:4, 7:5, 7:6 (and analogously: 0:6, 1:6, 2:6, 3:6, 4:6, 5:7, ...

Lay favourite with my staking plan. -10

Hi Stefan: How should I set the robot to stop when profit reaches € 10, or € 10 loss? I tried several configurations, but always appears: "Your target profit has been reached:0:00". See screenshot. I'm testing this ...

Football Live Stats

Hi Stefan: I'm going to: Tools/My Tools/Football Score. It would be possible to add other columns, with live stats? Possession, SOT, Corners .... Thanks in advance