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Close at odds (profit/loss)

Hello, I wonder how I can make the following example   example: -Place Bet Back 1.95 -close Selection Bet Position At odds(odds = 1.80 (profit), but if market value < 2.30 (loss)   odds fixed no ticks or percentage  

Profit/Loss Switch

Hi, some guys brought me to the idea with easy "switching", easy chaining bots with switch by profit or loss of the current running (ending) bot... No complexity.   Situation example: 1) Horse racing 2) Run "Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position" bot on Selection 3a) If the bot make ...

Reload bot

I would like to take a doubt, the end of each bot is possible to have an automatic loading of the bot, for example bot 1 -> back place bet -> 1.80 close -> 1.90 winner reload bot 1 in the same positions if the value comes down again and.. use place bet bet selection and close position, ...

Finder odds, pre-game and in-play

Hi Stefan: Would it be possible to incorporate a finder odds in your app? For instance: Pre-game: Multiple Finder: CS 0-0 @> 15 + MO Draw @ <4 + O-2.5 @ <1.8.Simple Finder: MO Favorite @ <1.5 In-play: CS 0-0 @ < 4 Draw @ <2 Thanks in advance  

Button: "Hedge the entire market"

   Hi: Why this discrepancy in the "hedge the entire market" between the two softwares?          

List of custom scripts - Execute Trigger Bot

Some scripts to use with Execute Trigger Bot ------------------------------------------------------------   Back 0 - 0 and Lay Draw script - Download Trigger - Football Back 0 - 0 Lay Draw   My Staking Plan script - ...

Subscription Activation problem.

Hi Stefan, I just tried to login and was asked to active my subscription but I can't figure out how to do that because the email which I received after the subscription purchase doesn’t contain any activation code, it only has the number of subscription: S-57A47204VN417381E Here's my email: ...

Profit History - first easy trading analyzer

Hi, is there any output from Profit History?   ------------------ In my full automated strategy I need to analyze some running process. Not for trading, only for analyze - for example usually behavior of market, if profit is bigger or loss smaller anytime, or the profit is ...

Courtsiding sensitivity

is there anyone who uses the "coutsiding sensitivity" - canceled bets, big offers etc.   Can Bfexplorer indicate this?

"Automatically center ladder" feature doesn’t work.

With the new Version 1.6.5713 the lader in the "Trade Market Selection" window should update automatically but it doesn't happen for me. I double checked I have this feature ON in the "Trade Market Selection" window... any though why it doesn't work?