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Execute Trigger Bot - how it works?

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Please, is it possible explain how this bot works?
1-2 sentences about the bot, and about values, what is TriggerFile etc.


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  • Stefan
    19.7.2015 18:18:32

    I will prepare series of articles describing how to use this bot.


    When you have a look at on other betfair API apps which support automation or trigger betting/trading, then such apps either offer limited number of trigger values you can use or are specialized in some kind of trigger betting.

    You are on betfair a couple years now, we started at the same time, and you know that there never quite a lot of features you could use, therefore I still support betfair bot programming (Bfexplorer BOT SDK), but with trigger bot I added bot orchestrations, because sometimes you just need to setup action bot with different parameters, or you just need additional triggers.

    This bot should solve what you asked in your article: Settings of many bots.

    It is still programming, but scripting language used for trigger programming should be more readable for a common user, not a programmer.


    I will try to create a lot of examples, so in some cases you should be able to use such triggers just by copying some parts of them and create your new one.

    I will explain this trigger on simple betting strategy like Back correct score 0 – 0 and lay draw, on your example of how to setup many bots, or for Eric horse racing strategy.

    If you have got some strategies then let me know, or the one used generally on betfair, maybe not profitable but if a good examples for some trigger programming then just post the idea on bfexplorer forum.

    Behind any betfair strategy is a well, a data recording and analyzing, so I want to add some tools for such operations as well.

  • Mir.
    19.7.2015 18:58:51



    I see My Bet Position:

    Profit History is awesome! Not for ending results, but for ongoing results! Trader can view how is consistent "at work".

    How to complex visualize data, charts? Any idea?