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List of custom scripts - Execute Trigger Bot

Some scripts to use with Execute Trigger Bot ------------------------------------------------------------   Back 0 - 0 and Lay Draw script - Download Trigger - Football Back 0 - 0 Lay Draw   My Staking Plan script - ...

Subscription Activation problem.

Hi Stefan, I just tried to login and was asked to active my subscription but I can't figure out how to do that because the email which I received after the subscription purchase doesn’t contain any activation code, it only has the number of subscription: S-57A47204VN417381E Here's my email: ...

Profit History - first easy trading analyzer

Hi, is there any output from Profit History?   ------------------ In my full automated strategy I need to analyze some running process. Not for trading, only for analyze - for example usually behavior of market, if profit is bigger or loss smaller anytime, or the profit is ...

Courtsiding sensitivity

is there anyone who uses the "coutsiding sensitivity" - canceled bets, big offers etc.   Can Bfexplorer indicate this?

"Automatically center ladder" feature doesn’t work.

With the new Version 1.6.5713 the lader in the "Trade Market Selection" window should update automatically but it doesn't happen for me. I double checked I have this feature ON in the "Trade Market Selection" window... any though why it doesn't work?  

Keyboard Shortcuts

X – Cancel unmatched bets on the active selection.Ctrl X – Cancel unmatched bets on the market. C – Cancel unmatched back bets on the active selection.Ctrl C – Cancel unmatched back bets on the market. Z – Cancel unmatched lay bets on the active selection.Ctrl Z ...

Bot Trigger - Miro Strategy

Hi,sometimes I must kill bets which are too far from "trading edge". Placed by me or by bot.   What do you think, will be useful the parameter which kills bets in the distance bigger than 10 ticks from last traded odds?For my "healthy" liquidity certainly.   Feature is for: - running ...

Betfair Live Video + Statistics

Hi: Would it be feasible to create an extension in the application that links to live video and statistics Betfair?     Thanks in advance

Small failures

Hi: "Show or hide navigation and filter panel"  Almost never shows filter panel. My Tools. Football scores: There are several matches that are not updated  

Mouse over bubble text to quick to disapear!!

Hi Stefan,   I am sure even for native English speaker it is hard.   Thanks