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Back before kick off

Hi! I need som help setting up a bot that cancels the current "offer my bet" and backs/lays the current available price as long at It's over my "minimum odds". For example I want to back O2,5 goals 5 minutes before kick off, and I set upp the bot to "offer my bet" 10 minutes before kick off, if the ...

Web API Script?

Hi there,  I've seen a youtube video of bfexplorer providing a webAPI which can be used to integrate with other languages.  Could someone point me in the direction of where I can find this script?  Thank you.  

Subscription code

I subscribed to the professional version, but when I entered the subscription code you gave me, I still couldn't log in to your software

Trial Commenced Today - but is asking for subscription code again?

hi there,    I downloaded the trial today (username paulmcmn) and I recieved an automatically generated subscription code).    After using the app for a couple of hours, i then proceeded to close the app and upon re-opening it's not asking me for a subscription key which i ...

Horse Racing track name updates

If an Australian horse racing track changes its name, or if a new track is added, how will BFexplorer (or a bot within Bdexplorer) know that and subsequently update itself? 

Betfair TV and Menu

Hi there. In your recent videos, you show betfair menu and betfair TV for live stream. But, i search everywhere and i don't found it. Please, give some feedback and support about that. Thanks. Regards,

About subsciption plans, and delayed data

Now I see the following under my bfexplorer user account:   Q1: Do I have to subscribe somewhere (then where?), or was I automatically subscibed to the community plan? Q2: How will my subscription prolonged, after the date 21.1.2021 when it expires? Q3: I've read, and have understood that ...

Is it possible to do automatic greening with bfexplorer?

  Is is possible to configure bfexplorer to greening? I mean, say I pick a market, and place manually a lay or back bet. Then I would like to have a bot, or any other built in feature which automatically greens this bet is the price change allows. (the parameter of this algorithm could be ...

Automated Kelly staking

Is it possible to implement an automated Kelly (or half/quarter Kelly) staking strategy using Bfexplorer? Specifically I want to be able to adjust bets on horse racing using this method.

Soccer Injury Time

Is there any possibility for bots to have access to how many minutes for injury time are given by the referees at the end of each half on soccer matches ?