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Football LiveScores Feed Down Again

Football LiveScores Feed is Down Again. Please let me know what is wrong and when to expect it to be working again. Thank you

Bot execution on closed market

Is it possible to execute bot on closed market? because I am testing a strategy tand want to check who is the winner and looks like bot stops after market close

Some questions

Hi, I have some questions, maybe could you provide some code examples. 1) How to check account balance? 2) How to do bet on selection with SP?

Football Live Scores Down

Football Live Scores keep 0-0 results and 0' match time during the whole matches- It is impossible for my bots to work like this.

Can not build Bot SDK

Hello, I am trying to build BOT SDK, but get many errors. I have installed the last version of MS Visual Studio Community 2019, All .NET frameworks are installed on my PC I have downloaded and installed the newest BFexplorer version But looks like BOT SDK code and project references do not ...

Question about strategy

Hello, I would like to implement strategy like this:   1) 10 minutes before horse racing match every horse total matched money value is saved 2) 10 seconds before match start check which value increased the most (compare current matched money with saved value) 3) bet on that ...

Back before kick off

Hi! I need som help setting up a bot that cancels the current "offer my bet" and backs/lays the current available price as long at It's over my "minimum odds". For example I want to back O2,5 goals 5 minutes before kick off, and I set upp the bot to "offer my bet" 10 minutes before kick off, if the ...

Web API Script?

Hi there,  I've seen a youtube video of bfexplorer providing a webAPI which can be used to integrate with other languages.  Could someone point me in the direction of where I can find this script?  Thank you.  

Subscription code

I subscribed to the professional version, but when I entered the subscription code you gave me, I still couldn't log in to your software

Trial Commenced Today - but is asking for subscription code again?

hi there,    I downloaded the trial today (username paulmcmn) and I recieved an automatically generated subscription code).    After using the app for a couple of hours, i then proceeded to close the app and upon re-opening it's not asking me for a subscription key which i ...