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Settings of many bots - UPDATE

UPDATE forum article: 19 jul 2015


Hi, how can I set many bots?

For example:
I have a trading strategy on Horse racing markets which automatically trading in 30 zones (1.96-2.06, 6.40-7.60, ...)
I need set every bot (in my case basic Place Bet bot).

Is there any solution for easy setting of many bots?


I wrote some ideas about My New trading grid (it is LADDER without some rows for easy trading for example Horse racing In-play markets. Ladder without scrolling, Ladder with easiest trading huge GAPs, Ladder with predefined Stakes (ie. full control my liability, risk, my money management etc.), fast and exactly reactions because bots placing bet without emotions ...)

For My New trading grid i need many bots (for My New trading LADDER - full number of rows 350 in 1 column)... there is question: how can I set many bots?


My idea:
I can create XLS file with easy changing many predefined values. Exported CSV file can control all what you want to execute.
Like a Execute Bots bot with all values.
Example: how to set many bots


In my opinion with cooperation with My New trading grid or My New trading ladder it will be killer feature.

After testing how bots reacts can switch for fully automated trading easily.
Only with small change in XLS (CSV) file.

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