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Projected profit

Hi, nothing important... but Profit column show hedged profit.

But If 10 Euro matched at 11 ... can not be profit 5.80 at 12!
In this case the Profit column in Bfexplorer can show Projected profit... (5,04 at 12 odds, etc.)

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  • Stefan
    13.7.2015 18:16:56

    I would like to ask to make a short video showing a problem you describe.


    You are Czech, so are able to read the email from other Slovak user who notice some problems I was not able to reproduce:

  To Test Betfair Bot?


    In your case I cannot see a problem why bfexplorer should show different profit balance on an open bet position when bet was placed on odds you described.

  • Mir.
    13.7.2015 20:01:55

    Sorry, I have a problem with sharing files, images, ...

    There is screenshot (about which I wrote)

  • Mir.
    19.7.2015 14:28:24

    Profit shows actual profit at current Odds. It is OK. This is usually feature on the software market.

    But Projected profit can show profit "WHAT IF (placed) BET MATCHED"
    In my case: If 10 Euro matched at 11 ... can not be profit 5.80 at 12! Profit will be only 5,04

    Do you understand?

  • Mir.
    19.7.2015 14:54:09

    BTW: in my copy of BFE Profit showing not consistent values

    Profit calc

  • Stefan
    19.7.2015 17:53:05

    I will investigate this issue, maybe it is just rounding problem.