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I need help

I have now paid for support, I'd like you to help me setup the following and show me how to execute this on races. Ive never used your bot before so please give a step by step instruction:   A Place bet bot Execute Till Target Profit   Conditions: Minimum 4 runners Lay bet 30 ...

I want to pay someone to help setup my strategy

Either I'm too stupid to do this alone or I can't find any real help articles. Help videos are silent. And finding the videos is difficult. So can someone please help me. I'm willing to pay you to help me setup based on the following. From what I can tell I need 2 bots to achieve the ...


Hello, my last subscription ended in september 9, after that date i dind't activate a new subscription code but the money was debit from my paypal account, why? And can i get the money back? Thank you.

Execute Till Target Profit

When editing the Execute Till Target Profit bot, under the Profit/Loss header, what is the definition for ResetStakingPlan and MartinggaleStakeFactor? and what do the numbers represent when entering them in? Thanks

New Subscriber

Hello, I've been looking into automating my betfair betting and came accross this page on a betfair forum. I dont have any experience with writing code, but I know what criteria the bot needs. Does the subscricption offer a service around me explaining what is needed for the bot and then it is done ...


Hello, i dont have Paypal account can i use the Paypal of a friend to pay for the subscription?

drip feed bot

how do auto upload bets for horse racing to set up drip feed bot? i want to set the horse and the minimum price to back and have the bot spread the bet out based on volume of matched money.

Get average LPT in the last minute

How would it be possible to get the average Last Price Traded in the last minute and use it as a trigger for "Place Bet"?

Subscribe for BF Explorer Community Subscription Plan.

Hello   Can I please subscribe for bfexplorer community subscription plan ?   Thanks

Betfair SDK

Hi all, I'm trying to get to grips with the SDK. Is there any way to create the GUI from the SDK - i.e. create ladders graphs etc? Thanks