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Betfair Tennis Trading Automation

What is your daily routine when trading tennis matches on betfair?

First, you may spend some time on selecting tournaments and players you will watch for potential trading opportunity, then you may learn more about players form on ATP web site, or tipster web sites, so you do your daily routine again and again.

If you are able to code some script code then you can automate a lot of these daily routine tasks. In my short video I show how my script loads ATP markets, then checks tipster web site for selection predictions, opening only those matches where players predictabilities are more than 50%, and selecting player with bigger chance of winning a match.

After my selections are loaded, they are automatically added to “Watched Selections” view and to “Bot Executor for Selections”, and match selection is set to My Description column.

Now I can switch to my Tennis workspace and/or run my automated trading on selected selections.

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