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Betfair Bot Projects and Bot Execution Tools

Last couple of days I have been working on three bot projects for one of my professional subscriber.

All bot projects involve external data retrieval for market bet selections. One project is for football trading and other two for tennis trading.

When developing bot strategies I am used to test them first of course and depending on what development stage I am on, I use all bfexplorer features and tools, like:

Bfexplorer Console

Bot Executor

Bot Executor for Selections

What you can see in my short video?

How to use all above tools and what is difference between “Bot Executor” and “Bot Executor for Selections” tools.

When trading bot utilizes external data retrieval for market selection procedure, the retrieved data could be additional data for market selection (like statistical model data) or exact market selection (like tipsters) on which your trading bot will be executed.

Football bot project uses model, so executing such bot in full automated manner requires using “Bot Executor”.

Tennis bot projects use tipster selections, so we can use “Bot Executor for Selections” tool to execute bots.

Tipster selections procedure allows me to create “Bfexplorer Console” script to test data retrieval, so in my video you can see how I executed such script, so script first loaded market selections, then opened betfair markets and loaded them in bfexplorer, adding selections to “Watched Selections” view, and mainly added my selections to “Bot Executor for Selections” tool.

Just imagine how much time I would waste if I have to do it manually in this stage of project development.

After adding my selections to “Bot Executor for Selections”, I have to apply which bot I wanted to execute on my selections.  For testing purpose I did not run trading bot, but just placed back bets. On my video you can see that test is running on my server for couple days and tipster selections shows more profit only on ATP matches, therefore I applied my test bot only to ATP selection/s, you can see used filter, filtering out WTA or Challenger matches.

From this simple test it makes sense to implement this option to final tennis trading bot, adding option to include all tipster selections or just selections played on ATP tournaments.

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