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Automatically Open Market


I have strategy/bot executor running for the days events.  Is there a method for the bot to also open the event in bet event trader?

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  • Stefan
    14.10.2019 10:29:39

    One of TriggerResult discriminated unions entry is:

    TriggerResult.OpenAssociatedMarkets of string[] * (DataResult<Market list> -> unit)

    Allowing requesting associated markets to the market you are running your bot on.

    Every market is open as bet event on betfair, and you have got access to this information:


    So bfexplorer when you request TriggerResult.OpenAssociatedMarkets knows for which bet event id the associated markets should be queried.

    Please have a look at on this bot trigger script:


    Basically your bot has access to all betfair api methods:


    So you could be able to write any code against betfair api. The question is, is this approach practical?

    Your bot is executed on exact type of market, for instance on horse racing win market, so what markets would you like to open in Bet Event view? Tennis match odds market, or football match odds market?

    In any such scenario common sense dictates that you want to open associated market for bet event on which your bot is running, for instance place horse racing market, when your bot runs on win horse racing market and so on.

    If you want to build your bespoke app on bfexplorer app, you can do so like I present in this article:

    Bfexplorer Plugin Support