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Bfexplorer Plugin Support

What is app plugin?

It is mechanism extending application features, so in this case bfexplorer app, without changing existing code.

Your code must implement IBfexplorerPlugin.

During bfexplorer startup are loaded all file assemblies ending with .Plugin.dll and implementing IBfexplorerPlugin interface. It is required that plugin implements WPF UI UserControl so the plugin UI is loaded as document panel.

In my short video I present “My Football Strategy” plugin showing all football matches and for matches already at in-play the match score is updated and when available match statistics is displayed as well.

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  • Stefan
    14.10.2019 13:04:41

    I have just updated Bfexplorer BOT SDK source code adding MyFootballStrategy projects showing how to use Bfexplorer Plugin integration.

    The MyFootballStrategy.App is working example. If you trade football matches on betfair you can use it to monitor all matches live score and match statistics.

    If anyone wants to collaborate on this project adding new features, and is able to program, then of course you can clone entire Bfexplorer BOT SDK solution.

    Those of you who just want to use this app, and are not able to build plugin from the source code, just contact me through support page and I will send you app/plugin files.