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Extension Ninja Trader

Hello, I would like to know how it connects to ninja trader THROUGH extension of BFexplorer. 


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  • Stefan
    5.10.2015 10:09:40

    Video is from old bfexplorer, but the concept is the same.

    Create in NinjaTrader new instruments and name them SEL1, SEL2, SEL3 … 

    Activate/Connect External data feed in NinjaTrader.

    Open a market and NinjaTrader tool in bfexplorer.

    Select a market selection you want monitor, and activate Monitoring in NinjaTrader bfexplorer tool.
    In NinjaTrader you will that Orders panel is populated with data, well of course if name of instrument is set to SEL1.

    Now you can create a new chart in NinjaTrader.

  • cardurco
    6.10.2015 19:31:33

     thanks! all ok!