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And now what! Conclusions

Hi guys:

This past week has been a week of debate. I think the trigger have been questions Ilya. Thanks Ilya.

I would like to know what are the conclusions we draw each of this debate.

My conclusions are:

Stefan is always willing to help, but he wants us to we collaborate and we strive with articles, videos, etc. Stefan does not understand that we are so awkward and demanding, he explains everything you need, but often do not understand him, Stefan handles, sometimes, some terms and concepts that costs us to assimilate. Also Stefan spends much time on the support and not compensate you in relation to subscriptions. Although it is also true that whatever implements, serves to him to improve their strategies.

My problem is that I do not take performance to BFE pro, because I do not use almost bots. I need the features of BFE basic, plus: ticks offset, stoploss, fill or kill, and little else. And I propose to create a semi-pro subscription or on demand. BFE semi-pro, 10-12 GBP monthly payment.

BFE pro: Who need custom scripts or bots, that pay, provided they are not useful at all

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  • Stefan
    8.11.2015 16:11:49

    Eduardo, I do not know from which comment you started to follow that debate, but as you could maybe notice after 20 or so comments, all that was just chitchat. Why I call it chitchat? Because from what was said, I created two other articles with videos, and Ilya did not bother to comment that or mentioned it in his further debate.

    My conclusions:

    1) It is impossible that whenever someone from this forum will cooperate with other member to make anything which could be shared.

    2) The level of understanding of the base features any betfair trader needs to manage is very poor.

    3) I am sure now that right naming of essential features is very important. It is pity that on this forum there is actually no member now, who natively speaks English and would be willing to correct us all. For instance the name bot, from my understanding now it was unfortunate to call it bot, maybe order, rule, or something like that would be more appropriate. I already renamed “My Bots” view to: “My Orders/Bots to Execute”.

    Eduardo, your concern was subscription level and amount of features you can buy for your subscription, but you know that it was never a problem. Whenever someone asks me for Professional subscription for an amount he/she is willing to pay or donate I did/do so, but he/she should be at least an active bfexplorer forum user.

  • shokkem14
    24.10.2016 4:55:52

    The biggest problem is the distinct range of competence in communication throughout the community members.