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Betfair API Activation Procedure

In last days I have got two requests asking for help in activation process.


Hello, I try to activate my trial of Bfexplorer.

I got an activation code in the process of logging in to betfair. I then entered that code, but it keeps on asking for the activation code. No futher errors, but I am in a loop this way.

What to do?

The activation code I got is: XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ

Thank you for support.


The betfair API activation process consists of three steps, and in all these steps bfexplorer application communicates with betfair API servers.

In the first step you login to your betfair account, if you misspelled your betfair user name or password, an error message is shown.

In the second step bfexplorer asks betfair to generate your subscription code.

In the last step your subscription code is used to activate your betfair api access.

If everything goes well then your betfair api access is activated immediately. In some cases betfair needs more time to activate your access, in such cases try to login again in couple minutes later.

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