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Execute Bots vs. Concurrent Execution

What is the main difference between these bots?

I am not sure when use Execute Bots and when Concurrent Execution.


Edited by Stefan, 13.4.2016

In my video I show differences between “Execute Bots” and “Concurrent Execution” bots, and also how to setup betfair spoofing bot.

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  • Stefan
    12.4.2016 17:28:49

    Miro, this is actually quite funny because if I remember it correctly I added “Concurrent Execution” bot by your request when you tried to build some trading strategy.

    The main difference between those two bots is the “Execute Bots” bot just starts bots execution and then stops.

    The “Concurrent Execution” bot starts bots execution in its own execution pool, so your action bots are hidden, in the “Market Bots” view you can see running only your “Concurrent Execution” bot.

    That is one advantage, hiding action bots execution, so by canceling one bot, you can execution of all actions bots.

    Let’s say you want to create a spoofing bot, placing bets 2, 3, 4, 6 ticks from the best offered price. To construct such bot you would need to create four “Place Bet” bots, allowing place a bet in odds range and setting the PriceImprovement parameter.

    It is obvious that you would like spoof on back, and sometimes on lay side, but you do not need to create four versions for backing and four versions for laying. You will use bots execution from clicking on ladder feature, so you can name your “Place Bet” bot settings with general names, like “Place 2 ticks from”

    Finally you add bots to “Execute Bots” or “Concurrent Execution” bot parameter: BotNames, and name your spoofing bot, job done.

    Activating “User Ladder” and selecting your spoofing bot in “Bots to Execute” view, you can now execute your bot by clicking on ladder. Bot will take bet type, stake and odds as the maximal lay odds your bot will operate to, and opposite for back side.

    “Concurrent Execution” bot has internally implemented two features:

    If any of internally running bots will end, all the rest of bots is forced to end their execution as well.

    When bots are created for execution, only the first bot will take parameters from a click on ladder. Unfortunately this feature limits for now using the “Concurrent Execution” bot in scenarios similar to spoofing bot example I described above.

    I can remove this feature, what I have done in my tests, or can make it adjustable.

  • Mir.
    13.4.2016 11:31:58

    Stefan, thank you very much for explanation!


    And what about "Entry Criteria"?
    Is it possible that ongoing results of concurrent running bots can influence the activities of each other? (means through ProfitBalance, SelectionProfitBalance, HaveMatchedBets)

  • Stefan
    13.4.2016 12:13:50

    Actually all Entry Criteria are sharable properties of the market or the market selection/s, and running bots with its activity influence all those values. Your question just shows that you do not understand what you asked.

  • Mir.
    13.4.2016 13:08:00

    Thanks, I have no further questions...