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Profit STOP - Bot Executor for Selections

Dear Stefan or anybody,

I have a question. Is there any bot that stops my "daily profit"? In another words, I am trading several matches and when I achieve some desired profit e.g. 100 EUR a need bot to stop my trading.

Thank you for answer


Edited by Stefan, 27.4.2016

Let’s say you want to bet (or trade) on several football matches through whole day, so any previous result of your betting or trading is known before a new bet is placed or trade open, then is such case you can use the bot: “Execute Till Target Profit”

First we need to add market selections on which we want to bet or trade to “Bot Executor for Selections” tool. We can do so by opening a market and selecting the market selection on which we will bet, clicking on context menu (right mouse button click) item: “Add market selection to Bot Executor” and now we can close the market, and repeat this operations to all selections.

Now we must prepare our action bot/s we want to execute on those selections. In my case I will back most of my selections, and lay some of them, so I prepared “Place Bet” bot settings:

“Back 30 Euro” and “Lay 30 Euro”. Why we call them action bots? Well because they execute main action, so placing a bet, or executing a trade.

To use the above bots with “Execute Till Target Profit” bot, we must define our profit and/or loss targets, and the action bot which will be executed, so in my case I prepared two versions:

“Back till 100 Euro profit” and “Lay till 100 Euro profit”.

The final step is to apply the above bot settings, so either “Back till 100 Euro profit” or “Lay till 100 Euro profit”, to selections in “Bot Executor for Selections”. When all selections have applied bots to be executed, we set “Start execution” time (in the Setup Panel) and clicking Start button your betting or trading session is executed.

“Bot Executor for Selections” will automatically start market monitoring at set time, and execute your bot on the market selection/s. After an action bot finishes its work, so bet is placed and matched, or trading session is closed, the market monitoring is stopped as well.

If you run any automated bot solution keep in mind that windows operation system by default switches your computer to sleep or hibernate it, on windows 10 it is set to 30 minutes inactivity, so check your computer setting.

“Execute Till Target Profit” bot creates a pool of bets by its name. So in my case I have got two separators pools:

“Back till 100 Euro profit” and “Lay till 100 Euro profit”.

Maybe it would be interesting to assign unique bet pool name, so alternatively different bot settings could be executed in one bet pool only.


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