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Ice Hockey Betfair Bot

I was looking for a bot to automate my betting.

My betting strategy is based upon professional tipsters who make conditional bets for ice hockey:
e.g. 1st period total goals over 1.5 with 10€ stake,
if loose, same for 2nd period with 30€ stake,
if loose, same for 3rd period with 70€ stake.
If it is a win, stop betting for this match.

I am making profit, but have to place my conditional bets manually, since I have to wait for the outcome of the 1st or 2nd period of the games.

Is it already possible with Bfexplorer, that it is only necessary to put in all the games for today, so that the conditions get executed automatically, or would it need a bit of custom coding?

I am just looking for those period conditions for Ice Hockey. I also have some friends who are very interested.

Please let me know if you can help me with that.

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Comments ( 3 )

  • Stefan
    26.1.2020 19:29:37

    Bfexplorer offers bot named: “Execute Till Target Profit”, so bot suitable to execute sequential bets till target profit/loss is reached. The bot places next bet in sequence only when previous bet is settled, so it is known that bet is winner, and/or loss.

    In your strategy you use “Reular Time Goals” market, so your bets are not settled when period ends, but only when matched ends.

    To execute your strategy you need ice hockey live score, so bot needs to know which period is played, and what the correct score is.

    Yes, the strategy can be programmed. If you are familiar with some programming language then you can use Bfexplorer BOT SDK to program your ice hockey strategy bot.

  • ett300
    10.5.2020 5:08:41

    think its general opinion of any serious betting people that a system where you are upping the stakes if you lose the previous bet/bets is never a good idea and will lead to disaster at some point

  • Stefan
    10.5.2020 10:43:04

    It depends on tipster's betting model, and its profitability.