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Tennis - Market types: Set 2 Winners - how to filter?

Hi, Market types: Set 2 Winners - how to filter?

How to buy different ODDS?

Hi, I would like to buy different ODDS (creating one BOT). Example: The program should buy one ODDS below 4.0 AND The program should buy one ODDS below 2.0 How to do it by creating a one BOT?

Be the First in Queue Betfair Bot

Here is a question from my mailbox: Ok, I want to extend my subscription (earlier I used bfexplorer pro), but I notice that interface of bfexplorer changed a lot. I need to use "Be the First in Queue" bot. For example, can you understand me please how can I use in the game Drogheda-Cork City ...

Nikos's Manual –Installing Bot Assemblies (part 3)

Just watch my video and replicate step by step.

Nikos's Manual – How to Setup Oddschecker Bot (part 2)

In the first part of Nikos's manual I showed how to add, update, execute and cancel bot execution. In this second part I show how to setup “My Horse Racing Oddschecker Strategy” bot. This bot is a trigger bot firing an action bot when all set criteria are met. The bot implements 3 types ...

Nikos's Manual – How to Setup Oddschecker Bot (part 1)

Adding a new bot To add a bot click on the “Add a new bot” button/icon (blue plus button) in the “My Orders / Bots to Execute” view. “Add a new order/bot” dialog appears. On the left panel of this dialog there is list of all available bots. Your bots are on the ...

How I Use Bettingexpert for Trading on Betfair

Bettingexpert is the social network for sports betting where you can get access to tips, experts and statistics across all major sports events. Once you create your own profile you can post your own tips or just receive tips from tipsters you follow. Bettingexpert offers mobile applications for ...

Oddschecker Bot

This short video presents testing of oddschecker data provider. What you can see in my short video: 1) How to add your bot, and set its parameters, once a bot is added to “Bots to Execute” view, you can start/execute your bot on open market, or using “Bot Executor” tool and ...


Some tipster web sites offer API to load different type of data. Let me know if anyone is interested to learn more about this project or want to participate on data analyzing or some betting/trading strategy development.

Case Study 11 - Football Bet After Goal Is Scored

From Market Feeder forum: How to get trigger to understand when football match underdog first score a goal? Bfexplorer Solution: In my short video I show a football “bot trigger” implementing the base feature of such football bot. At the moment you execute this bot, it is assumed that ...