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OfferedAmountToLay vs BestOfferedAmountToLay

What is the difference between OfferedAmountToLay and BestOfferedAmountToLay ? Does it refer to odds or stakes ?

Horse Racing Oddschecker Trigger Strategy

Here is another short tutorial for bespoke bot strategy I had been working on last days. The strategy uses oddschecker data and when criteria are met a bet is placed on any qualified selection/horse. The action bot used in my test is: “Place SP Bet” set to keep unmatched bet at ...

Horse Racing High/Low Traded Price Bot Trigger

From bet angel forum Automation - High/Low Traded prices pre-off vs in-running: I am wondering if any in-running specialists have faced the problem of and found a solution for the fact that Betangel does not distinguish between pre off and in-running low(or high) traded prices. I have ...

Show Offered Average Weighted Price Indicator

This bot calculates average weighted price for 10 best offered prices on back and lay side and visualizes it on ladders.  MyIndicator column is used to show total offered volume so this way we are showing WOM slightly different way.

Bet Matched Notification Bot

From bdp forum: Do any of these other email notifications once a bet is matched if first placed using bet Angel? Do any other vendors out there offering notifications when bets are matched? I still need to use Bet Angel but would like to use a new vendor to trigger the email alerts if ...

Place Bet Price Improvement in Time Bot

From Market Feeder forum: Placing bets away from the back/lay price and getting them matched I'm currently placing bets several ticks away from the current price in order to get better odds. However after a certain period of time ( say two minutes ) I'd like to drop the price I'm looking for in the ...

Horse Racing Watch My Jockeys or Trainers

From Bet Angel forum: Specific Jockey alerts Is there a way I can create a rule for a specific jockey and trainer apply to all markets and it alerts me which races meet my criteria? I.e. I can apply to all markets in the morning the rule scans and alerts me to which markets meet the criteria so I ...

Football Over Strategy

Here we are again, another bespoke bot strategy I developed last week, and the need for some instruction tutorial. From previous time I learned that it is not so good idea to deliver bespoke bot solution in assembly files. In such case user must extract files and copy them to bfexplorer app folder. ...

Horse Racing - WLM Strategy

Another prediction price is forecast price betfair offers in horse meta data, and here is simple bot trigger using this value: HorseRacingForecastPriceBotTrigger.fsx

Horse racing - BLM Strategy

There are quite a lot of different strategies using betfair SP to trigger trading on horse racing markets. If you want to test this strategy: HorseRacingFarPriceBotTrigger.fsx You can change it to fulfill your requirements for factor value. In my case I use FarPrice NearPrice difference value.