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Case Study 14 - Lay the draw in play

From Bet Angel forum:

I want to lay the football draw in play and green out when goal is scored, easy enough which i can do fine.

However, I want to lay the draw when odds reach a certain price, this is also easy enough.

What I am having trouble is how do i tell guardian to lay the draw only when the score is 0-0, I am finding that when early goals are scored and the score is 1-1 the draw odds go down to my desired price still and guardian lays the draw.....this is not good and not what I want it to do, I only want to have the draw layed at 0-0

Any help would be most appreciated.

Bfexplorer Solution:

Attached video is just instructional to show how to use Football bot. Any use of football bot requires to setup and action bot, the bot which will place a bet on instructed market selection, so in this case it would be “Place Bet” bot to place lay bet on draw, or to execute lay/back trading session using “Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position” bot.

As described above we want to place the lay bet at in-play, at set match time, and with match score 0 – 0, which means that we need to set following parameters for Football bot:

BotName, Score, MatchTime

If the MatchTime parameter is set to 30 and Score to 0 – 0, then the action bot set by the parameter BotName is executed at 30 minute of a match if there is 0 – 0 score.

You can execute your Football bot manually on selected markets or use Bot Executor to execute it automatically at set time relative to the official match start time.

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