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Case Study 15 - Lay higher than the current best offer

From forum:

Dobrý večer, prosím o radu. Jak mám vsadit vyšší lay, než aktuálně nabízený. Nebo lépe řečeno, současný lay je 3.00 a já chci vsadit pouze v případě, že lay bude 5.00. Pokud tuto sázku umístím na betfair okamžitě ji zobchoduje v aktuálním nižším kursu.

Bfexplorer Solution:

If you try to place a lay bet at higher odds than the current best offer then betfair will apply the best execution rule to your bet, so matching your bet at best offered available price. For instance if you want your bet to be matched at 5.0 odds and the current best offer is 3.0 odds, then you bet is matched at 3.0

If your betting or trading strategy requires a lay bet to be placed when odds moves up, then you can use bfexplorer bots, and either setting PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange to False and Odds to required bet odds, or setting PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange to True and MinimumOdds to odds the bot is allowed to offer lay bet.

In my video I show a simple betfair SP strategy where the automation bot checks betfair SP prices for all horses after a market is turned at in play, then filter 3 SP favorites and executes lay/back trading bot x ticks higher than horse betfair SP.

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