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Case Study 17 - Automated Football Triggers

From betfair developer program forum:


Not sure if anyone can help or not.

I have researched and developed a Football betting strategy that is working well and I want to automate it.

I want to do the following:

Choose from a list of the days matches, then


- Check for number of goals in the first half.

- Check if goals were scored at a certain time.


If these criteria are met:

Place a bet on the relevant over’s market when the odds reach a certain level or on 60 minutes if no further goal has been scored.

Place another bet on 89 minutes if no more than 1 second half goal has been scored.

This will be for my own use, is that something anyone can help with, or alternatively suggest current software that I can do this on.


Bfexplorer Solution:

In my short video you can see how utilizing Football bot score provider I created trigger showing current match score and goal times scored in the first and second half.

What should be implemented to make full featured betfair bot trigger according to Dollaryen’s specification is to add criteria evaluation and action bot triggering on specified market/s.

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