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Betfair Football Model Bot

In following days I am about to start building my own model for football betting or trading on betfair markets.

My first step was to implement betfair bot integrated to bfexplorer infrastructure so I can execute it manually on selected markets or using Bot Executor on all football markets.

My bot offers two parameters only: BotName and Tip

The BotName parameter represent the action bot I want to execute, basically it can be “Place Bet”or “Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position” bot. It means that I will be able to bet or to trade automatically on selections my football model will suggest.

To test the bot I used model from, setting the parameter Tip to “1” I instructed my bot to select only home teams suggested by statarea model.

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  • Stu42
    10.4.2016 9:45:40

    I know Statarea very well. Can you limit it to over a certain number? e.g. if I only want minimum of 60 for the home win?