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  • Stefan
    9.4.2016 12:39:31

    I think I identified potential problem with your staking plan bot. The bot checks if previous markets are already settled, by calling betfair api method on the market. If the market is closed it means that all bets were settled and is known winning selection. Unfortunately, it seems that checking market status is time limited, after couple hours betfair does not return any results.

    I will prepare a script you will execute manually at the end of the betting session to check market status for remaining markets.

  • Stefan
    9.4.2016 11:31:12


    No, you do not have to delete/remove your bot setting from My Bots to Execute. Actually it is not a bot instance in “My Bots to Execute” panel/view, but as I said just bot parameter settings. When you click on Execute toolbar button, or bot is executed by “Bot Executor”, then a new bot instance is created and bot settings are set to this bot instance, so bot will behave according to the bot settings.

    Your custom bot creates internally a market block array which contains all markets your staking plan executing your bets on. For now the only way how to reset your staking plan strategy is to restart bfexplorer.


    There is no need to set any time for an action bot, nor your staking plan bot, as the staking plan bot is automatically executed by “Bot Executor” at set time. Of course when you execute your staking plan manually, and you want your action bot to be executed at set time, then you need to set ExecuteOnTime parameter.


    “Open Markets” view shows all open markets, you open with some intention, right? So when you do not need a market to be monitored anymore you simply close it from “Bet Event” view, or from “Bet Event Trader” view depending of which view you prefer.

    Why you can close a market from “Bet Event/Bet Event Trader” view? Well, because as I said you open your market with some intention: to place a bet or to trade when some conditions are met, to make some research, monitoring market prices movements, and so on.

    So decision to close a market depends on basically on market prices, and that could be seen in “Bet Event/Bet Event Trader” view only.

    Of course, “Open Markets” view offers its own features as well, you can filter, sort, or group markets, and you can switch “Open Markets” view to card view interface where you can see all market selections prices and place bets without switching to “Bet Event/Bet Event Trader” view.

    Bfexplorer Console offers script execution tool, which can be used to close all markets as well.

    Just type:


    and click on Execute toolbar button in the Bfexplorer Console view.

    Read about Bfexplorer Console, and if you have got some idea for useful script then post it here on forum.

  • Stefan
    8.4.2016 17:09:01

    Your bot strategy consists from two bots:

    “Execute Block Staking Plan” what is custom bot I built for you implementing your staking plan.

    The action bot you enter to your staking plan bot, setting the parameter BotName.

    This bot implementation of yours actually allows using any bfexplorer bot to place your bets. In your specification you wanted to place a bet, but this way can actually use a trading bot as well, if that makes sense to use in your staking strategy.

    Because you will run your strategy automatically on all football markets of your choice utilizing Bot Executor tool, it is a good practice to test your action bot behavior first manually executing it on selected market in Bet Event view, so you will see how your action will work.

    If you set Entry Criteria or allowed odds range, or any other parameter influencing your action bot behavior, then you should test the action bot on martket selections which fulfils such criteria, and also on market selections on which your action bot should not place a bet, just to check if everything works as you intended.

  • Stefan
    8.4.2016 16:49:08

    I think in any betfair strategy first you need to fully understand what a profitable factor in your strategy is, and how to avoid big loses.

    Keep in mind that trading in practice mode can show totally different results than trading for real money, as any entered position will have some influence on trading market.

    I think you test your strategies sitting to your computer and running them in Bet Event Trader, so you can actually see how your bots open bet positions and what is the current profit on the market (min/max profit level).

    For me, in first stages of bot strategy testing is actually not important the maximal amount of profit, but always only if a strategy can generate any profit, even 0.1 Euro profit is good.

  • Stefan
    8.4.2016 16:33:04

    Anytime you install new software application/program to your computer you do so with some intention and your new program works on some data.

    You are not new to application software user interface. You use Windows operating system and all programs you interact with use mostly graphical user interface.

    I think one of the most used windows program is File Explorer, and as the name suggest you use it to explorer files on your computer. File Explorer has its menu, tool bars and status bar, context menus, has all the rest of common user interface you interact with. I do not think you need to learn how to open a file, well you select it in File Explorer grid view, and double clicking you open it with associated program.

    Any windows application shares the same concept for user interface, once you learn it, you can use it in any windows application.

    From what you wrote I can understand that you still do understand how to interact with any windows application, because what you wrote is just memorized set of actions you do to setup your bot.

    That plus sign is icon/toolbar button, you can actually see in many windows applications, and plus icon mostly means to add something. What you are adding depends on the application context, so if you see plus icon toolbar button in the panel named: “My Orders/Bots to Execute” the clicking on plus icon will add a new order/bot to this panel.

    What I can advice you is just read the screen, and use your knowledge learnt interacting with other windows programs.

  • Stefan
    4.4.2016 13:55:25

    I have just released "Trailing Stop Loss On Market" bot.

  • Stefan
    4.4.2016 8:53:24


    Miro, it is very easy, just setup "Trailing Stop Loss" bot, you can do so in 5 seconds I believe, because you can use default parameters, so just clicking on Save button. Open your bet position on a market selection of your choice and execute "Trailing Stop Loss" bot and watch.

    "Trailing Stop Loss" bot is meant to save your losing profit position, it was never meant to maximize profit. Well of course, if you open your bet position in right moment when odds moves in your favor rapidly, then yes your profit can be bigger than you would get using “Close Selection Bet Position” bot.

    "Trailing Stop Loss" bot does not close/hedge bet in loss, always at least in one tick profit, keep that in mind.


    When testing in the practice mode never use your bots offering bets to get comparable results.

  • Stefan
    3.4.2016 20:28:59


    “Close Market Bet Position” bot stops/cancels execution of all running bots on the market prior closing market bet position, and is clear why. The only exception is "Execute Trigger Bot", and of course is clear why. "Execute Trigger Bot" is custom bot, there are not known intentions how bots behaves and what bots are executed by this bot. It is trigger bot responsibility to ends its execution.

    It means that in your bot solution, the “Close Market Bet Position” bot closes market bet position but your custom trigger bot still fires action bot execution anytime the trigger conditions are met.

    So I believe that in your case you at least set for all your action bots the parameter AllowPlacingBetInPlay to False, what means that after the market is turned at in play all your action bots ends execution automatically, if they are in the state of opening bet position only.

    The question is how you actually test your bots, because you did not mention this fact, you really do not know what you do.

    I will add a new parameter to "Execute Trigger Bot": AllowBotExecutionTermination


    “Trailing Stop Loss on Market” seems to be a good idea, but my question is do you already understand how “Trailing Stop Loss” on selection works, because last time you asked about this bot, you were wrong.

  • Stefan
    3.4.2016 16:34:24

    You already have SaveBotDataBotTrigger.


  • Stefan
    31.3.2016 15:46:51

    Miro, all bfexplorer bots manage bet IDs to track only bet/s placed by the bot.

    Your custom bot is developed as bot trigger, and bot trigger just orchestrates action bots, so if your bot trigger is programmed to manage bot/s bet position then it is able to do so, but that is not a general solution which could be done only when betfair would implement mentioned bet tagging, customerRef persistence through all relevant betfair api methods.

    If you want to extend your custom bot trigger then all action bots derived from SelectionBot expose the property: BotBetsCache

    So utilizing this BotBetsCache for all market, or selection bots, you would be able to calculate bet positions opened by individual bots.

  • Stefan
    30.3.2016 10:42:08

    Betfair api does not offer feature allowing to tag bets:

    Bot Executor as the name suggests, just executes bots, bets and bet position is managed by bots.

  • Stefan
    20.3.2016 17:46:19

    There is problem with gap detection, for now bot triggers action bot execution even if a gap is 1 tick only. In the code line:

    if selection.GetOfferedPriceDifference() >= 2

    the correct gap detection should be:

    if selection.GetOfferedPriceDifference() > 2

  • Stefan
    16.3.2016 18:20:12

    Do you actually understand what I said?

    "Drip feeding bot" is already offered in bfexplorer, and I described how you can set it up.

    What you propose to add is option to feed different size of bet stake, and I really cannot see any advantage in such bot feature, all the rest of features and “advantages” is already available in "Drip feeding bot" you can easy setup by using “Repeat Until” bot.

  • Stefan
    16.3.2016 17:05:22

    Miro, there is no complicated chaining of bots. All you need is to set Place Bet bot, and then use “Repeat Until” bot to instruct the bot how you want to repeat Place Bet bot action.

    Of course we all know what "drip feeding bot" main feature is, but I cannot see any advantage of your bot, there is no advantage in placing different stakes, so what bfexplorer already offers is efficient method to place big stake on a market.

    “Repeat Until” bot offers 3 parameters you can use to set iteration type and timeout.

  • Stefan
    16.3.2016 12:45:07

    I hope I will find some spare time in following days, will let you know when it is ready.

  • Stefan
    16.3.2016 12:43:57

    What is an advantage for this kind of bot? Drip feeding bot can be constructed by using “Place Bet” bot and “Repeat Until” bot.

    Read and watch: Base Bet Settings to Automate Trader’s Activity

  • Stefan
    14.3.2016 20:02:57

    "Execute Till Target Profit" bot or "Execute Trigger Bot" are not stopped / canceled by "Close Market Bet Position" bot.

    In your case the only option is to use "Execute Trigger Bot" custom trigger.

  • Stefan
    14.3.2016 8:52:00

    Your problem is the connection latency to betfair servers. Yes, you can improve connection latency by using VPS which is located closer to betfair servers than your home connection to betfair servers.

    On the other hand if you use VPS for manual trading you will get actually worse results, just think about it. You will get better results only when using automated betting solution with triggers/bots or automated trading solutions.

  • Stefan
    13.3.2016 17:02:47

    Did you actually test your bot running and watched the bot behavior? I do not think so because Bet Status Description is just text not updated when bet condition changes. It shows initial bot status when bot status changes.

    Execute the bot, and then report what you find out. I noticed it in many cases you just mislead others with wrong conclusions, please test bot behavior first before posting any comment or article to this forum.

  • Stefan
    13.3.2016 15:05:21

    Miro, MinimumOddsDifference and MaximumOddsDifference parameters are used before a bet is placed. If you set these parameters and values are not met then your bet is not placed.

    If you do not want to use the chase odds feature which is actually one of base features when you use calculated odds bet placing, so when PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange is set, then set ChaseOddsTimeout parameter to 1 day for instance: 1.00:00:00. This setting will effectively stop bet updating, as your bet is active on greyhounds market just for couple minutes.