Base Bet Settings to Automate Trader’s Activity

In my video I created base settings for betfair bots you can use in your trading activity. I created and tested those settings, so my video is a bit longer. I even made some mistakes when setting up “Drip feed 10 Euro bets”. On the other hand you can see how to test bot settings in practice mode before starting to use them with real money.

I used general naming convention for bot settings, for instance: “Trade 3 ticks profit or 6 ticks loss”, places 100 Euro back bet (of course if you use your betfair account with different currency you should rename the bot name), but as this bot was meant to use on trading ladder, with active settings: “Use Ladder”, the open bet will be lay bet if you click on “To Lay” column, and stake type and amount will reflect your current settings on “Place Bet” toolbar.

At the end of my video I showed how to Save and Open bot settings. If you like my bot settings you can download it, unzip and open to your My Bots list.

Download the bot settings file.

Comments ( 2 )

  • Mir.
    24.9.2015 0:57:39

    14:15 - 15:30


    - trailing stop 2 tick -  Indicator goes from 3,15 to 3,05 but Stop Loss not working when LTP is 3,25

  • Stefan
    26.9.2015 18:12:40

    Miro, “Trailing Stop Loss” bot had been operating correctly in my video. Maybe the name of the bot or just its parameter name: Loss is a little bit misleading. This bot actually never closes your bet position in loss, but only when your bet position can be closed in a profit, and when the biggest reached profit is reverted to lose its profit by set amount of ticks (the Loss parameter).

    On my video you could see that when I executed this bot it set the target odds two ticks above the open odds, what were 3.05. Now when odds moved down the target odds was set x ticks lower depending on for how many ticks odds went down.

    The Loss parameter was set to 2 ticks; those 2 ticks make a buffer zone for closing bet position. It is pity that I switched from ladders to grid view at the moment when “Trailing Stop Loss” had been triggered.

    I wanted to show that bfexplorer in that moment operated with matched orders/bets and with automated orders/bots, so I showed Market Bets and Market Bots views side by side, and similar like you cancel unmatched orders/bets, you can stop automated orders/bots.

    In my video I created special type of bot which used to close bet position by trailing stop loss in profit, and close selection bet position at odds. I hope you understand how this bot was constructed, and how the ladder entry was used to set odds at which the bot should close bet position in loss, it was set to 3.35.