Custom bot script - 3. MiroGapStrategyBotTrigger

Strategy bot trigger

Simply I need bespoke trigger which will execute:

- different bots (from: My Bots)
- at different odds (relatively: in ticks from saved best offers)
- execute not far than x ticks from current best price on selection


I will explain it on this picture:


1) bot waiting for situation like on pictures:
If GAP between best current prices (back vs. lay)  is 0 or 2 -> remember best back price and best lay price (odds close together) - in this case 3.55 and 3.50

On the picture on the right side (with GAP = 2) is the same case. (Odds close together - 3.55 and 3.50 - inside the gap)

2) Now the Bot trigger easy execute any bots with this trigger parameters:

0;Back;PlaceBet   ... 0 = tick from best remembered Back offer (Odds = 3.55), Back = To Back side (StakeType = Back), PlaceBet = name of the bot from My Bots
1;Back;PlaceBet   ... 1 = tick from best remembered Back offer (Odds = 3.60)
2;Back;PlaceBet   ... 2 = ticks from best remembered Back offer (Odds = 3.65)
5;Back;PlaceBet   ... 5 = ticks from best remembered Back offer (Odds = 3.80)
0;Lay;PlaceBet   ... 0 = tick from best remembered Lay offer (Odds = 3.50), Lay = To Lay side (StakeType = Lay) , PlaceBet = name of the bot from My Bots
1;Lay;ClosePositionAtOddds   ... 1 = tick from best remembered Lay offer (Odds = 3.45), .... ClosePositionAtOddds = name of the bot from My Bots
2;Lay;PlaceBet   ... 2 = ticks from best remembered Lay offer (Odds = 3.40)

bot trigger takes trigger parametres, parse (relative to concrete Odds, StakeType), and use in bots from My Bots (if needed)

3) Limitation for runnig robots (placed bets) for selection.
Execute a bot only if is near x ticks from current best price - green arrows Trigger parameter:  Range = 3, the same on To Back side and To Lay side. All robots at Odds in (orange rectangles) executed.


This bot trigger is like stencil, combo of bots on selection...
Repeatedly the same.


PS: I would also use these kinds of bot trigger... Like specific action bots ... I think to use: Odds, StakeType

This is similar Trigger - Miro Strategy but this trigger is static, no kill any bots - only runs, like stick a pin and trade around


Updated by Stefan, March 20, 2016

Download “MiroGapStrategyBotTrigger” script if you want to test it or build your own script from it.


Comments ( 3 )

  • Stefan
    16.3.2016 12:45:07

    I hope I will find some spare time in following days, will let you know when it is ready.

  • Mir.
    16.3.2016 13:01:13

    Thank you very much.

    My expression in English is not good. If you have any questions, please email me.

  • Stefan
    20.3.2016 17:46:19

    There is problem with gap detection, for now bot triggers action bot execution even if a gap is 1 tick only. In the code line:

    if selection.GetOfferedPriceDifference() >= 2

    the correct gap detection should be:

    if selection.GetOfferedPriceDifference() > 2