Tennis - Market types: Set 2 Winners - how to filter?


Market types: Set 2 Winners - how to filter?

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  • Stefan
    15.2.2016 8:46:49

    Different betfair events offer different market types. Therefore if you select the event type, and other filters are set as well, you can reload market types by clicking “Reload market types” button (This button is on the left under MATCH_ODDS text in your picture), so reloaded market types will reflect your current filter setting.

    For tennis event there are quite a lot of market types, and set winner is flagged as: SET_WINNER. Such market type will Set 1 Winner, Set 2 Winner therefore if you are interested only for Set 2 Winner market you can filter such market by using grid view filters features, betfair api cannot filter only Set 2 Winner market.


  • skarabeusz
    23.2.2016 0:37:30

    Betfair allows you to bet on "Set 2 Winner" - the following examples are from the "Betting Assistant".

    Can I count that the filter "Set 2 Winner" will be in the next version of the program "Bfexplorer"?

  • Stefan
    23.2.2016 12:06:02

    Man, SET_WINNER attribute includes all Set Winner markets, so 1, 2, and 3, 4, 5 if such markets are open during a match by betfair. SET_WINNER attribute is not something I have introduced myself to bfexplorer, it is the attribute offered by betfair api to filter markets.


    Bet Event or Bet Event Trader offers Markets toolbar button if you click on this button, all associated event markets are showed, that is the second way how you can open any associated bet event market.


  • skarabeusz
    23.2.2016 11:34:09

     OK - thank you for your help.