Custom bot script - 2. "drip feeding bot"

Hi Stefan,

I have small improvement for Place bet bot - More stakes

Like a "drip feeding bot" but with defined amount stakes MoreStakes: 7,15,32,7  With iteration timeout: 2 sec
Odds taken from last matched stake.

only one bot, standard behavior of the Place bet bot, for me easy settings parameters by CSV file





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  • Stefan
    16.3.2016 12:43:57

    What is an advantage for this kind of bot? Drip feeding bot can be constructed by using “Place Bet” bot and “Repeat Until” bot.

    Read and watch: Base Bet Settings to Automate Trader’s Activity

  • Mir.
    16.3.2016 13:36:55


    1) the only one bot; not complicated chaining

    2) possibility to set many different stakes; placed in the virtual queue

    3) speculative bets; if a first small bets matched I can take better price with next bets
    I do not have to affect WOM but my stakes are on the market


    maybe for me: possibility to set all stakes in CSV file (with update a bot strategy)


  • Stefan
    16.3.2016 17:05:22

    Miro, there is no complicated chaining of bots. All you need is to set Place Bet bot, and then use “Repeat Until” bot to instruct the bot how you want to repeat Place Bet bot action.

    Of course we all know what "drip feeding bot" main feature is, but I cannot see any advantage of your bot, there is no advantage in placing different stakes, so what bfexplorer already offers is efficient method to place big stake on a market.

    “Repeat Until” bot offers 3 parameters you can use to set iteration type and timeout.

  • Mir.
    16.3.2016 17:57:26

    “Repeat Until” bot is not bad.

    Divided bets on volatility markets can be more better than one bet. Often price jumps 5-6 ticks up/down and 2nd-3rd bet at exact Odds from this bot can be matched at better price...
    If not, nevermind. I see only opportunity.

    Mainly I see the big advantage in In-play markets too (tennis, horse racing ... especially)



  • Stefan
    16.3.2016 18:20:12

    Do you actually understand what I said?

    "Drip feeding bot" is already offered in bfexplorer, and I described how you can set it up.

    What you propose to add is option to feed different size of bet stake, and I really cannot see any advantage in such bot feature, all the rest of features and “advantages” is already available in "Drip feeding bot" you can easy setup by using “Repeat Until” bot.

  • Mir.
    16.3.2016 19:21:45

    Yes, I understand.

    My small improvement calls - MoreStakes: 7,15,32,7

    There is no discrepancy with "drip feeding bot". I need different size of bet stake. Thats all.
    I am trying Chaining more Place bet bots, with different Stakes.


  • Mir.
    17.3.2016 17:58:13

    chaining is not working (as I need).

    Solution described here is better - Base Bet Settings to Automate Trader’s Activity 


  • Mir.
    20.3.2016 12:13:09

    Why is not working as I need?

    Because input parameters changing by market. I need to use the same input parameters for ALL BOTS IN CHAIN (or CONCURRENTLY) running bots.

    Use Ladder:
    When I used "Use Ladder" option to run bot or strategy the first bot use parameters from a Ladder, others not.


    I think that small improvement with using all (selected) parameters for all "encapsulated" bots will be useful