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Football Underdog Strategy

From Bet Angel forum:

Looking for some help with automation I’m effectively trying to say that when a price in Football Handicap Market (Market 1) shortens by 'x' ticks then to set a signal and this signal then triggers a bet in the Match Odds Market (Market 2).

 How do I link the signal in Market 1 to activate a bet placement in Market 2? I've had a look on the forum and still not totally clear so any help much appreciated.

 So Far I have:

 Automation 1 - Handicap market:

1) Use relative odds condition to look for tick difference between SP and current price in the first 40 minutes

2) If x ticks movement achieved then set a signal on the market called 'HandicapSignal' with value of 1

 Automation 2 - Match Odds market (where im stuck):

1) Monitor for signal from Automation 1 - (this is the bit I cant do)

1) Place bet with greening options


Think I may have cracked it but looking for confirmation:

Automation 1 Monitor Handicap price

1) From 60 seconds before until 40 minutes after event goes in play monitor position 3 on market (always looking for the underdog)

2) Look for Position 3 (fav) and see if Back price 65 seconds ago is greater than back price now +15 ticks

3) If item 2 (above) is met, set signal with value of 1

Automation 2 Place trade

1) If signal value =1

2) Back selection - Offset bet with greening

3) Subject to matched bets on market <2 & Volume >10000


Bfexplorer Solution:

If I understand it correctly he is trying to execute a strategy on football match odds market trading on the underdog when favourite price/odds is under 2.0 and matched amount is more than 10000.

The entry criteria are the match time, and score difference for underdog more than one goal.

All this can be executed by “Football Bot” and simply bot script identifying the favourite and the underdog selection. I already posted such script on this forum before.

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