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Football Bot - Trigger Time in Second Half

From Bet Angel forum:

I would like to make a simple automation on football matches.  I would like to activate auto bets in the second half due to specific odds at at a specific game time.  In these covid19 times it is quite difficult to calculate second half time running from start of the game...

Let us say I like to let my bot start to activate at the 75 minute of the game, or 30 minutes into the second half or 15 mins to go + add time.

 A few years ago I would simply activate the bot after (45 + 2 normal additional time + 15 brake + 2 (late after brake) + 30) around 94 minutes all over from start to be in around 75 minutes of the match.

 These days that is not so easy. There are drinking pauses, a few extra substitutions available,  VAR decisions that can last for minutes etc.  The semi final between Chelsea and Man U had 11 minutes additional time just in the first half.

 So, it is difficult to calculate second half run time depending on start time of a match and a bot may activate on "wrong time".

 If my bot could start 30 minutes from start of the second half it would have been much more accurate.

 But the best for this would of course been a bot that starts to activate exactly after 75 minutes on the clock sharp.

 Would bring in better results too... It should be easy for you to implement start time of second half, or?


 How is the best way to calculate second half timing?

Bfexplorer Solution:

Bfexplorer offers “Football Bot” so all we need to do when triggering on match time is set MatchTime parameter. To exactly indentify whether the match is in the second half already we need to use Status parameter.

When testing different trigger criteria, there is really good idea to set the parameter ShowMatchCriteria to True (checked), in such case when bot is executed it shows diagnostic messages like the following ones:

MatchTime: 31, Score: 0 - 1, Goals: 1, ScoreDifference: -1, HomeNumberOfRedCards: 0, AwayNumberOfRedCards: 0, CornersDifference: -2, Status: KickOff

MatchTime: 72, Score: 1 - 0, Goals: 1, ScoreDifference: 1, HomeNumberOfRedCards: 0, AwayNumberOfRedCards: 0, CornersDifference: 6, Status: SecondHalfKickOff

So answering the question, if we want to trigger action bot execution in the first minute of the second half, we need to set the parameter: StartCriteria to:

[MatchTime] >= 45 And [Status] = 'SecondHalfKickOff'

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