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Football Livescores

Football Livescorers are not working. Scheduled Order/Bot Executer bots won't start at a given Match Time and/or given Result. Can you plesase let me know what's wrong with this software Livescores ? Thank you

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  • Stefan
    24.10.2020 11:36:16

    I have attached video from my test today. Football live score and football bot work without any problems. So there is question what is wrong with your computer?

  • Graf
    24.10.2020 15:17:41

    Today Football Livescores are working fine again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my computer. Yesterday Football Livescores failed to refresh properly during the whole day. Today everything is ok again. Thank you.

  • Graf
    6.10.2021 13:43:03

    Problem persists. Tired of losing money because never know when livescores are working or not...