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Automation - Can I Place a Betfair SP Bet?

From Bet Angel forum:

I can't see how to do this through BA. I'm talking of placing an actual intended SP bet not 'taking SP' on an unmatched bet. I can set high odds and set 'take SP' but I then have no control over the odds achieved as I have when setting an intended SP bet on the Betfair website. Am I missing something?


I am completely with you on this, all my betting (on horses) is at betfair SP, and all my betting is automated via an Excel spreadsheet. There is NO simple way to take a straight forward SP bet, and as you say, NO way to set odds limits like you can on the main betfair site. My workaround is to trigger the BACK or LAY command at 10 seconds before the official start time when it looks like the SP will be in my acceptable range, but request ridiculous odds that I know will be unmatched (1000 for a BACK or 1.01 for a LAY). Then at time zero set a global TAKE SP ALL command for those unmatched bets. It's a bit of a rubbishy workaround but works 95% of the time but occasionally the start time of the race is delayed and the odds will drift and the SP will end up being out of my range but by then it's too late.


I googled this question expecting forum discussion and a quick way to find a thread on it and I wasn’t expecting it to just not be a part of BA at all lol. Is there really no appetite from users for setting the SP odds limit, as has been available on the betfair website for a very long time?


Bfexplorer Solution:

Bfexplorer offers the bot: “Place SP Bet”, so if we want to place SP bet limiting matched odds we can set the parmeter: LimitOdds to 3.0, and of course the parameter PersistanceType to Take SP.

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