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  • Mir.
    4.4.2016 10:54:40

    1) ok. I understand.
    Example with one open bet position on a Selection it is clear for me now.


    3) Let talk about my system.

    I am trading on more than 1 Selections.
    If I get P/L on 6 Selections: 2,3,-6,1,-2,3 ... = +1 it is good for me!

    My first plan was to get relevant data from trading cycles (results) and identify potentional max profit through all day markets. Because it is over my skills I am trying second chance.

    Second plan is Trailing feature for taking profit on Market (and on Selection).
    My problem is that I have not one trading cycle. I have maybe 20-30 placed or matched bets by various action bots.

    Therefore any in built bots with Profit/Loss - Trailing feature are welcome.

  • Mir.
    3.4.2016 22:29:06

    I read about inbuilt Trailing stop loss bot.
    Example is not clear for the first time for me (Trailing stop loss & Hegde on Current Odds)

    I would like to see in this bot parameter MinimalProfit. But If I dont know how to set this parameter, because I dont have relevant data I can not unreasonably want...


    I preset similar set of bots for greyhounds... It is really crazy! (Practice Mode too)

    Bot Executor - Greyhounds

  • Mir.
    3.4.2016 21:08:43

    1) Yes, I set AllowPlacingBetInPlay to False for my all action bots. My Execute Trigger Bot bots fired customs scripts only once. And custom scripts isn't repetitive too.

    2) Yes, you are right. I dont understand how (maybe - "why like this") stop-loss work in BFE. I must see your video once more.
    But it is no problem to discuss about it.

    I only need - if it is possible - make a profit as big as it will go...


  • Mir.
    3.4.2016 19:53:16

    Bot Executor - all day trading 

    there is screenshot of all day Bot executor trading / in Practice Mode

  • Mir.
    31.3.2016 11:01:15

    ok. Not a few systems.

    And what about only one?

    Means all bets calculated RELATIVE from the time when bot started. Like a checkpoint.


    it's only suggestion...

  • Mir.
    30.3.2016 15:01:31

    Sorry, I see:

    "...if you place a bet and (for whatever reason) you do not receive a response, then there is no way to tell if the bet has been accepted by Betfair."


    I thought about manage bets by BetID.
    Place a bet take ID and after this move to intend Odds.

  • Mir.
    30.3.2016 14:49:40

    Not Bot Executor...

    But something like "pool of bets" placed by specific bots?

    For example:

  • Mir.
    20.3.2016 12:13:09

    Why is not working as I need?

    Because input parameters changing by market. I need to use the same input parameters for ALL BOTS IN CHAIN (or CONCURRENTLY) running bots.

    Use Ladder:
    When I used "Use Ladder" option to run bot or strategy the first bot use parameters from a Ladder, others not.


    I think that small improvement with using all (selected) parameters for all "encapsulated" bots will be useful

  • Mir.
    19.3.2016 17:14:18

    How often should change BF chart?

    It changes but I don't know when. It would be nice to see the newest...

  • Mir.
    17.3.2016 17:58:13

    chaining is not working (as I need).

    Solution described here is better - Base Bet Settings to Automate Trader’s Activity 


  • Mir.
    16.3.2016 19:21:45

    Yes, I understand.

    My small improvement calls - MoreStakes: 7,15,32,7

    There is no discrepancy with "drip feeding bot". I need different size of bet stake. Thats all.
    I am trying Chaining more Place bet bots, with different Stakes.


  • Mir.
    16.3.2016 17:57:26

    “Repeat Until” bot is not bad.

    Divided bets on volatility markets can be more better than one bet. Often price jumps 5-6 ticks up/down and 2nd-3rd bet at exact Odds from this bot can be matched at better price...
    If not, nevermind. I see only opportunity.

    Mainly I see the big advantage in In-play markets too (tennis, horse racing ... especially)



  • Mir.
    16.3.2016 13:36:55


    1) the only one bot; not complicated chaining

    2) possibility to set many different stakes; placed in the virtual queue

    3) speculative bets; if a first small bets matched I can take better price with next bets
    I do not have to affect WOM but my stakes are on the market


    maybe for me: possibility to set all stakes in CSV file (with update a bot strategy)


  • Mir.
    16.3.2016 13:01:13

    Thank you very much.

    My expression in English is not good. If you have any questions, please email me.

  • Mir.
    14.3.2016 18:56:36

    Can you help me with "Close Market Bet Position bot"?


    I have some trading bots on some Selections and if Close Market Bet Position bot close at profit or loss I want to rerun whole strategy once again.

    How can I do it automatically? Close Market Bet Position bot stoped all bots...

  • Mir.
    13.3.2016 18:36:20


    You are right.
    With this settings...


    Bot recalculate a bet by actual Odds.


  • Mir.
    13.3.2016 15:54:04

    I understand.

    As described on picture. No bets on Selection. But Back bet waiting for place €10 @ 5.60 if MaximumOddsDifference < 2.

    Place bet bot



    And finally best back odds is 4.60 and best lay odds is 4.80, conditions are met and ... bot place a bet with calculated price @ 5.60

  • Mir.
    13.3.2016 14:14:25

    Using ChaseOddsTimeout is not good!
    Dynamic stakes (like Liability) calculated at strarting (wrong) Odds. If chasing odds stake is unchanged

  • Mir.
    13.3.2016 14:04:28

    Thank you again for this bot, Stefan!

    Prepared stakes is not problem.

  • Mir.
    13.3.2016 13:49:51

    MinimumOddsDifference and MaximumOddsDifference parameters are used after the bet placed.

    I don´t want update any bets, I want place for example 3 Back bets with different Price Improvements for the first time at right Odds. Without any chasing the Odds.

    This is the key of my problem.

    Yes, maybe I can use ChaseOddsTimeout but only once.