Profit/Loss - Trailing feature

Here is screen of my trading by Bot Executor automation.

Trading without any correction by human operator!

Bot Executor


Now I set Close Market Bet Position bot - close: 10 sec before official race start OR at Euro 10 Profit.
I see that results can be more positive because many times (everytime) P/L goes to profit but I dont know where is EGDE, where Close Positon...

I would like to see "close position" bot with Trailing profit feature.

For Selection and for Market, with parameters minimal profit and how many euro from profit can lose before close position (here it is possible to take into account the sensitivity of volatility, etc...)


Discussions "why it is not necessary" are welcome

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  • Mir.
    3.4.2016 19:53:16

    Bot Executor - all day trading 

    there is screenshot of all day Bot executor trading / in Practice Mode

  • Stefan
    3.4.2016 20:28:59


    “Close Market Bet Position” bot stops/cancels execution of all running bots on the market prior closing market bet position, and is clear why. The only exception is "Execute Trigger Bot", and of course is clear why. "Execute Trigger Bot" is custom bot, there are not known intentions how bots behaves and what bots are executed by this bot. It is trigger bot responsibility to ends its execution.

    It means that in your bot solution, the “Close Market Bet Position” bot closes market bet position but your custom trigger bot still fires action bot execution anytime the trigger conditions are met.

    So I believe that in your case you at least set for all your action bots the parameter AllowPlacingBetInPlay to False, what means that after the market is turned at in play all your action bots ends execution automatically, if they are in the state of opening bet position only.

    The question is how you actually test your bots, because you did not mention this fact, you really do not know what you do.

    I will add a new parameter to "Execute Trigger Bot": AllowBotExecutionTermination


    “Trailing Stop Loss on Market” seems to be a good idea, but my question is do you already understand how “Trailing Stop Loss” on selection works, because last time you asked about this bot, you were wrong.

  • Mir.
    3.4.2016 21:08:43

    1) Yes, I set AllowPlacingBetInPlay to False for my all action bots. My Execute Trigger Bot bots fired customs scripts only once. And custom scripts isn't repetitive too.

    2) Yes, you are right. I dont understand how (maybe - "why like this") stop-loss work in BFE. I must see your video once more.
    But it is no problem to discuss about it.

    I only need - if it is possible - make a profit as big as it will go...


  • Mir.
    3.4.2016 22:29:06

    I read about inbuilt Trailing stop loss bot.
    Example is not clear for the first time for me (Trailing stop loss & Hegde on Current Odds)

    I would like to see in this bot parameter MinimalProfit. But If I dont know how to set this parameter, because I dont have relevant data I can not unreasonably want...


    I preset similar set of bots for greyhounds... It is really crazy! (Practice Mode too)

    Bot Executor - Greyhounds

  • Stefan
    4.4.2016 8:53:24


    Miro, it is very easy, just setup "Trailing Stop Loss" bot, you can do so in 5 seconds I believe, because you can use default parameters, so just clicking on Save button. Open your bet position on a market selection of your choice and execute "Trailing Stop Loss" bot and watch.

    "Trailing Stop Loss" bot is meant to save your losing profit position, it was never meant to maximize profit. Well of course, if you open your bet position in right moment when odds moves in your favor rapidly, then yes your profit can be bigger than you would get using “Close Selection Bet Position” bot.

    "Trailing Stop Loss" bot does not close/hedge bet in loss, always at least in one tick profit, keep that in mind.


    When testing in the practice mode never use your bots offering bets to get comparable results.

  • Mir.
    4.4.2016 10:54:40

    1) ok. I understand.
    Example with one open bet position on a Selection it is clear for me now.


    3) Let talk about my system.

    I am trading on more than 1 Selections.
    If I get P/L on 6 Selections: 2,3,-6,1,-2,3 ... = +1 it is good for me!

    My first plan was to get relevant data from trading cycles (results) and identify potentional max profit through all day markets. Because it is over my skills I am trying second chance.

    Second plan is Trailing feature for taking profit on Market (and on Selection).
    My problem is that I have not one trading cycle. I have maybe 20-30 placed or matched bets by various action bots.

    Therefore any in built bots with Profit/Loss - Trailing feature are welcome.

  • Stefan
    4.4.2016 13:55:25

    I have just released "Trailing Stop Loss On Market" bot.

  • Mir.
    4.4.2016 17:59:49

    Thank you. I am testing...

    Trailing Stop Loss on Market


    Looks fine!

  • Mir.
    4.4.2016 22:58:59

    Are you kidding me?

    Yes, it is only from Practice Mode, but completelly unattended!
    (parameter Loss = 2 Euro)


    Bot Executor



  • Mir.
    5.4.2016 14:36:29

    All works fine, thank you!



    Screen is from trading and shows behavior of this bot  (parameter Loss = 3).

    It is obvious that I have to change my approach to data mining.
    It means to know exactly Max potential Profit, Volatility of Profit etc.


    I am pleased that I am in profit, but I also try to gently close in a great position to profit...