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  • Mir.
    4.2.2019 17:38:53

    Hi Stefan, it is interesting. Bot Executor seems very useful.
    But I am interested in a Football Bot. And its Start/Stop Criteria.

    I see that from a "managing" Match Odds markets  is very easy place bet on associated markets, for example at specific time and at specific score. It is good for one time action.

    Example: Footbal Bots via a Place bet bots place 5 bets:
    Correct score - 2×
    Over/Under 2.5 Goals - 1×
    Over/Under 1.5 Goals - 1×
    Match Odds - 1×

    Is there any simple solution through Football Bot (Start/Stop Criteria) how to orchestrate all affected markets, its market profit/loss!, time, actual score etc.

    Is it at all possible?
    And what about Market Data Request Limits in this cases with dozens footbal matches at the same time (saving use)?

  • Mir.
    5.11.2018 17:08:08

    ad) Results!
    Yes, it is specific strategy for selected markets, but It is crazy!
    A huge! liability, risky betting on small odds at the end of the matches etc.

    What about liquidity? I doubt that at the last minute one bet can reverse the betting result.

    I wonder how to set the strategy differently to make it profitable, but not so risky (if possible, on real markets)
    Otherwise, thanks for testing this strategy.

  • Mir.
    5.11.2018 12:48:17

    Oh crap!

    I never check the running of the scores...
    Thousands of matches, sorry, not for me. But I can check if score decrease on monitored markets, how many and where.

    After all, it is interesting. Thanks

  • Mir.
    29.10.2018 3:15:25

    yes, you are bringing solution for specific strategy.
    It is great!

    But there is question what is automated trading? Linear execution of the trading bots on selected markets? Or unattended strategy which works a weeks or a months...
    In my opinion every strategy has similar results on few or many markets. If exists Score mismatch will be better calculate with this on 0,23 % markets, not on 10 %.
    Btw liability. High liability isn´t problem if there is long term positive edge. But what I saw on videos... it would not leave me calm.

    I look forward for new results in testing mode.

  • Mir.
    28.10.2018 0:57:12

    1) Thumb up for the possibilities in BFExplorer. And the latest results of this strategy are great

    In my opinion:
    2) For the full automation of football markets you only have to use one market and without closing the betting positions.
    3) It is better to combine more different strategies in one market! If someone place bets on more markets is certain that one of them will be weak. (And fee policy is more friendly)

  • Mir.
    26.8.2018 17:06:26

    Thanks for hint.

    Meanwhile, I'm trying to monitor whether it will be important to compare the dependency of rank change, frequency of rank change, odds at the time of change of rank, direction of trend... etc.

    I think it will not have decisive weight, but it will help to place bets on the market (dutching on the speculative odds of selected runners)

  • Mir.
    25.8.2018 19:08:33

    Is there anybody who has data from UK Horse Racing? Historical data from BF - Advanced plan.
    Sample, 1-2 months. Only In-play data.

    I want to try analyze betting on 1,2,3,4,... runners with depending on the rank and their change of the rank. Thx.

  • Mir.
    19.8.2018 18:14:53

    Traders likes volatility and unexpected big moves in markets.

    There is enough opportunities to analyze... not only favorites and early first runners wins. Thumbs up for this example and idea!

  • Mir.
    18.8.2018 16:43:19

    I see!

    I will point to the right, I have no problem with it or with Bfexplorer.

    I have used another piece of software on another account. This account restricted because I still monitored markets and there was not any betting history (no matched bets, no charges,...)
    Please, follow the rules of the Betfair, use common sense if it possible.


  • Mir.
    18.8.2018 14:44:47

    I admire your ability to detect the weaknesses of the participants in this forum.
    Especially for me... [feel encouraged ;)]

    Sorry, I don't feel responsible for software developers.
    Yes, their software may contain procedures which are not good to inspire.

    If you have the best well-known solution is the great that you can serve it to wide community of BF traders.

  • Mir.
    17.8.2018 13:48:14

    Stefan, thanks for your last reaction! You are right.

    This must be written by "golden ink":
    I repeated it many times when you were my subscriber to use common sense in whatever you do on betfair.

    But what then awaits traders who are under permanent pressure from failure?
    It's easy to lose barriers, sacrifice resources that you may lack at the moment. Maybe I'm a lucky man, I have no devastating losses and I have a positive P/L


    The post on the forum Bet for another two goals precisely describes problem with BF account (outside the main topic). Just as you said!

    btw: let's be reputable, in this specific software you can orchestrate parts of bots, switch on/off or change the rate at which the market is refreshed... but you must know how and why to do it. It is not built-in feature.


  • Mir.
    16.8.2018 19:19:06

    I share my fail and my inexperienced behavior with BF account.
    I feel like it everybody pays for foolishly bets. Last time I bet more than some betfair fees...


    btw: the trigger of this situation was the inability to divide activities into racing, soccer or greyhounds. Would you believe that?

  • Mir.
    16.8.2018 15:37:35

    Yes, you are right. I have no subscription since 31.8.2017 for this my account linked with this user name. The reasons are obvious. Gambling policy in my native country (maybe, just as in your country). Elementary.

    But to the point:
    Where is the edge between trading "for fun" and trading for "living"? Is trading "for fun" commercial or not? Is trading for "living" equivalent for "PRO" trading?
    These are not philosophical questions!

    Automated trading is not about emotions. Only hundreds and thousands conditions which are met.
    Ok. Lets start analyze some datas from markets...

    Betfair Historical data

    Where is the edge between trading "for fun" and trading for "living"?

    Apps like Bfexplorer have more value for the user than seems. But you have to be a professional user, and your results have to be consistent (I can hardly stand it if I pay for something that does not benefit me).


    Be careful with testing your trading robots, follow the rulesof the Betfair. Peace.

  • Mir.
    15.8.2018 16:02:21

    Thumbs up for the "Betfair Bot Programming for Non-Developers" series!

  • Mir.
    14.8.2018 18:39:32

    Wow! that´s nice!
    It looks very friendly...
    I think it's worth trying out.

  • Mir.
    16.1.2017 13:09:22

    This is only a link to the "project"... which... btw. you can develop by the Bfexplorer.
    That all.
    No additional interest on this...

  • Mir.
    1.8.2016 20:31:28


    where is yours the "Save In-Play Market Prices" bot?


    Need any upgrade?

  • Mir.
    8.7.2016 18:27:44

    Hi, do you have any more information about this backtesting?

    What do I need to be able to work with it?


  • Mir.
    29.4.2016 11:01:07

    Thanks for hint, but sorry, there is some hidden meaning, which I do not understand...

  • Mir.
    27.4.2016 14:58:45

    Thank you very much for very quick reaction!
    Now I test this script.

    I set:

    Action bot is: Place Bet And Close Selection Bet Position with Lay bet type

    Actual Odds = 10.0
    Bot placed bets on this Odds:

    0 % - 10.00
    10% - 5.00
    25% - 2.84
    50% - 1.66

    Maybe something I do not understand properly.
    I expected:
    10 % from Odds 10.00 is 9.00
    25 % from Odds 10.00 is 7.60 (or 7.40)
    50 % from Odds 10.00 is 5.00 ...



    Works like Lay bets.

    0 % - 10.00
    10% - 5.00
    25% - 2.84
    50% - 1.66

    I dont know how to place back bet about 10 % above than actual best back price.