Horse Racing - Watch Favourite

If your trade horse racing markets then you know how quickly odds changes at in-play. In my short video I present a simple betfair bot that scans runner’s odds at preset time interval and automatically selects favourite horse in the “Bet Event” view and “Trade Market Selection”.

You can watch this way how favourite moves and what odds range is traded at ladder. This bot helps you to realize how volatile the in-play horse racing markets are, and of course it may inspire you to create your own bot for in-play trading.

The race on my video was won by Moonball, and the path to win the race was following:

1: 2.08 | 2: 3.05 | 1: 3.10 | 2: 4.30 | 1: 5.50 | 2: 5.70 | 1: 5.30 | 2: 6.00 | 3: 6.20 | 1: 5.90 | 2: 6.60 | 3: 7.00 | 2: 6.60 | 3: 7.00 | 2: 7.20 | 3: 9.40 | 4: 9.40 | 3: 9.60 | 4: 9.40 | 3: 9.40 | 4: 10.50 | 3: 9.80

Listing position change and odds at which the horse position has been changed.

Comments ( 4 )

  • Mir.
    19.8.2018 18:14:53

    Traders likes volatility and unexpected big moves in markets.

    There is enough opportunities to analyze... not only favorites and early first runners wins. Thumbs up for this example and idea!

  • Mir.
    25.8.2018 19:08:33

    Is there anybody who has data from UK Horse Racing? Historical data from BF - Advanced plan.
    Sample, 1-2 months. Only In-play data.

    I want to try analyze betting on 1,2,3,4,... runners with depending on the rank and their change of the rank. Thx.

  • Stefan
    25.8.2018 20:22:36

    Betfair historic data are in json format, so you must know how to process them. I do not know what betfair has been thinking when releasing data in that format as most people are not programmers.

    What does it mean for you?

    As many others like you who may bought that data, after opening them have no fuck idea what they just bought from betfair, so such people end on freelancer web sites hiring someone to export from those data what they want.

    So my hint for you google for instance:

    "betfair data json"

    And from that web site, when data are still available you can download some PRO data for free, of course you must be registered on web site to download data.

  • Mir.
    26.8.2018 17:06:26

    Thanks for hint.

    Meanwhile, I'm trying to monitor whether it will be important to compare the dependency of rank change, frequency of rank change, odds at the time of change of rank, direction of trend... etc.

    I think it will not have decisive weight, but it will help to place bets on the market (dutching on the speculative odds of selected runners)