Restricted Betfair account

Hello guys.
Be careful with testing your trading robots.
I am, of course, interested in intensive participation in the BF Exchange, but it is difficult to judge "business usage".
VPS service and 24/7 monitoring and trading can be the sad end for satisfied automated trading...


With regret, we have restricted your Betfair account with a delay to Exchange market data (odds and volumes). The restriction is in accordance with our Terms and Conditions; in particular the intellectual property clauses with reference to Betfair data. For further information, view our T&C’s at The relevant terms are highlighted below.

Your data usage profile represents that of a commercial user. Note that usage of Betfair Exchange market data by any user in a commercial context requires a data licence. Betfair offers a commercial data licensing scheme, details of which can be found at

Should you wish to consume data for testing and or analysis, please use delayed data as applied to your account or the historical data services -

 ‘6.     Cancellation, Termination, Suspension and Breach

 We may restrict your access to Betfair, suspend or terminate your account, withdraw your offers for bets, void any bets outstanding to your account, cancel any unmatched bets or cancel and void any outstanding or matched bets in our absolute discretion without cause at any time including if:

 v: ... your account’s ‘public market data’ usage (‘public market data’ includes market prices, traded Volumes and market depth) could represent ‘business usage’ (‘business usage’ includes any use by a betting operator or any use by an individual or organisation supplying data or services to a betting operator)’


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  • Stefan
    16.8.2018 10:12:07

    Mir, you have no subscription with bfexplorer, your api access expired 31.8.2017 21:20:52, so I do not understand why are you spaming this forum?

    Betfair closes accounts with no money, or no betting activity on accounts. Betfair api access is restricted to delay api data for accounts with no betting activity in last 3 months, or for accounts as mentioned in your post, where data usage pattern shows similarity of commercial user who just take data from betfair without any betting on these markets.

    I think betfair closed developers and apps site due to this misuse of their api by Indy guppies.

  • Mir.
    16.8.2018 15:37:35

    Yes, you are right. I have no subscription since 31.8.2017 for this my account linked with this user name. The reasons are obvious. Gambling policy in my native country (maybe, just as in your country). Elementary.

    But to the point:
    Where is the edge between trading "for fun" and trading for "living"? Is trading "for fun" commercial or not? Is trading for "living" equivalent for "PRO" trading?
    These are not philosophical questions!

    Automated trading is not about emotions. Only hundreds and thousands conditions which are met.
    Ok. Lets start analyze some datas from markets...

    Betfair Historical data

    Where is the edge between trading "for fun" and trading for "living"?

    Apps like Bfexplorer have more value for the user than seems. But you have to be a professional user, and your results have to be consistent (I can hardly stand it if I pay for something that does not benefit me).


    Be careful with testing your trading robots, follow the rulesof the Betfair. Peace.

  • Stefan
    16.8.2018 16:55:31

    Mir, you do not understand it. It is not about your betting or trading activity, or better to say how much money you earn from this activity.

    It is about misuse of betfair api data. So if your paid fees on won bets are bigger than amount of data you get from betfair api, as betfair can simply count how much your activity costs them:

    your fees minus cost of betfair resources you took, if that is positive value, you are profitable for betfair, if minus then you are not, you are commercial user who utilize betfair data for his own profit only.

  • Mir.
    16.8.2018 19:19:06

    I share my fail and my inexperienced behavior with BF account.
    I feel like it everybody pays for foolishly bets. Last time I bet more than some betfair fees...


    btw: the trigger of this situation was the inability to divide activities into racing, soccer or greyhounds. Would you believe that?

  • Stefan
    17.8.2018 10:38:02

    Mir, no one likes parasites. Your betfair account is not closed but is switched to delay mode, what is basically useless for your automated betting/trading, but if it is true what you say, then you can simply place your bets manually to proof that you make fees/commission for betfair.

    Later you can write them again asking to switch your api status to the normal one.

    I repeated it many times when you were my subscriber to use common sense in whatever you do on betfair.

    Unfortunately, other betfair vendors, with lack of features in their software promote such parasite behavior on betfair api data usage. Have a look at here on market feeder forum:

    Bet for another two goals

    User asked for simple football strategy, and what was advice? Well monitor all under/over markets of a football match just to place at 90 minute of the match on corresponding Over selection, depending on the current match score a back bet when odds are >= 150.

    Using bfexplorer bots, you need to monitor match odds market only, starting from reasonable time, so football bot would be able to monitor match time and score, and at 90 minute of the match the football bot will execute trigger which would find out Under/Over market to open and place a bet on.

    When using Bot Executor tool, market data are monitored only for markets on which bots are still running, so when football bot triggers its action bot it finishes its execution, so market monitoring is stopped for match odds market as well.



  • Mir.
    17.8.2018 13:48:14

    Stefan, thanks for your last reaction! You are right.

    This must be written by "golden ink":
    I repeated it many times when you were my subscriber to use common sense in whatever you do on betfair.

    But what then awaits traders who are under permanent pressure from failure?
    It's easy to lose barriers, sacrifice resources that you may lack at the moment. Maybe I'm a lucky man, I have no devastating losses and I have a positive P/L


    The post on the forum Bet for another two goals precisely describes problem with BF account (outside the main topic). Just as you said!

    btw: let's be reputable, in this specific software you can orchestrate parts of bots, switch on/off or change the rate at which the market is refreshed... but you must know how and why to do it. It is not built-in feature.


  • Stefan
    18.8.2018 10:16:15

    Mir, your problem is that you do not understand what you read about your software in a manual. In market feeder manual it is said that you can globally set two values for market refresh rate: idle refresh rate and in-play refresh rate (page 175). You can change trigger value evaluation interval in your triggers, but that does not change market refresh rate we talk about.

    Just common sense, if you want at the moment, to monitor all football matches for 2 days (match odds markets) with more than 500 Euro traded, then you can open 177 markets now.

    If you would like to really monitor each of them at different refresh rate (as you mentioned) then it would mean to call market data refresh for each market so 177 calls at different time intervals, that is of course nonsense.

    Using rest api I can refresh up to 25-50 markets per one api call, or using streaming api I can just open stream for all 177 markets changes and get at set refresh rate only updated values from betfair servers.

    Market feeder maps market data values to mapped variables, so in your triggers you can use such variables in condition formulas, and when evaluated conditions are met it is triggered preprogrammed action, mostly bet placing, or bet cancelling. You construct evaluation formulas, not parts of code, bots which could be executed and add new features to market feeder app. You cannot add new features to market feeder app, only evaluate values which are offered.

    Bfexplorer app approach is different, as what we call a bot is real part of execution code which adds new features to bfexplorer app.

    For instance in this article: Betfair Tennis Trading Automation, in my tennis bot code I implemented loading and evaluating match results and statistic, tipster selections, and common user votes on who will win the match from 3 different web sites.

    Yes, it is a code, a program executing specific operation, so in this context I could use it only in bfexplorer for the specific purpose, but the code implementation allows me to reuse data provider assemblies in different apps when I would like to use it.

    You cannot do that in betfair apps where automation is done just by evaluation of mapped values in trigger or in excel cell formula.

  • Mir.
    18.8.2018 14:44:47

    I admire your ability to detect the weaknesses of the participants in this forum.
    Especially for me... [feel encouraged ;)]

    Sorry, I don't feel responsible for software developers.
    Yes, their software may contain procedures which are not good to inspire.

    If you have the best well-known solution is the great that you can serve it to wide community of BF traders.

  • Stefan
    18.8.2018 15:25:17

    Mir, back to the point, as I said in my first reply you have no subscription for bfexplorer, so your posts here are just spam. I did not want to delete your article as it could have some value for bfexplorer subscribers as well, so I replied with relevant answers.

    I just want you to understand one thing. People mostly read just titles, so ones could have such impression that using bfexplorer app could lead to restricting or closing betfair account because of misusing betfair api data.  

    You used another betfair app, and betfair restricted your api access, but you did not mentioned that.

    Where you mentioned not so true arguments, I replied with my opinion, and I know something about it as myself programming for betfair users from 2007.

    Last hint: ask betfair for software vendor license, then you can use betfair api as you want to. From my position I monitored data, or tested bespoke bots for days without placing a bet, and have never been restricted in betfair api usage, but that of course makes sense.

  • Mir.
    18.8.2018 16:43:19

    I see!

    I will point to the right, I have no problem with it or with Bfexplorer.

    I have used another piece of software on another account. This account restricted because I still monitored markets and there was not any betting history (no matched bets, no charges,...)
    Please, follow the rules of the Betfair, use common sense if it possible.