Save Betfair Data Automatically to Database

Let's say you want to execute bfexplorer bot saving market data on your windows server to MS SQL database in fully automatic mode every day. 

What you need to do is following: 

1) Your bot will be executed using Bot executor on bet events you define in your favourite events. So if I want to execute my bot on tennis match odds markets, then in My Favourite Events list I add "Tennis". 

2) Setup the bot you want to execute. In my case I wanted to save market data to database automatically when market is turned at in-play, therefor in My Bots to Execute view I added the bot: "Save In-Play Market Prices" 

3) To automate bot execution on each markets everyday, a console script must be written. This script will do what you have to do when manually executing your bots using Event Browser and  Bot Executor tools. In my case I do not want to save tennis match odds data for ITF and Challenger tournaments. So the script will check whether in the tournament name is text ITF or Challenger, and open my bot only on markets which does not contain the above text. 

4) Finally to execute your bot in fully automatic mode, open Bfexplorer Console tool (clicking on menu item View / Bfexplorer Console)  and click on the toolbar button Open, select the script you want to execute (in my case in the folder Documents/Bfexplorer, the script: MyTennisAutomation.fsx) and click on the Execute button. 

Bfexplorer Console tool will execute your script, and as the script is written to repeat bet events loading and bots execution in 24 hours interval, this way you will get fully automated bfexplorer bot execution that could run on your server for days, till  you click on Terminate button or close Bfexplorer app.

Comments ( 4 )

  • Mir.
    1.8.2016 20:31:28


    where is yours the "Save In-Play Market Prices" bot?


    Need any upgrade?

  • Archie
    1.9.2016 14:45:39

     Hi, I have the same question as Mir on this very useful looking bot . Where do we find the save market data bot dislayed? It looks like there is a Database "connection string" selection available within the bot. I have browsed through the SDK but have not found one with this property. Thanks for helping to find this or maybe describing how to create it.

  • Stefan
    1.9.2016 16:52:06

    Unfortunately I did not have a time to add this bot to Community ones.  

    I will do so in the update after betfair will cease Australian exchange service endpoint, so some changes will be required to bfexplorer as well.

  • Archie
    3.10.2016 20:41:21

    Hi Stefan,

    I have installed the latest release and wondered where I can find the "save in-play market prices" bot shown in this video?