Scalpy - simple scalping bot by Psychoff

"Scalpy is a bot project which completely works individually. We dont correct or edit its orders. It simply makes scalping. It uses historical and actual data for the markets. It also learns from the market that how the odds change. The starting bank is €5000 and it uses stable stake of €50. It trades in the selected leagues and also checks the liquidty before entering any market."





Comments ( 3 )

  • gunter66
    12.1.2017 12:37:34

    You are a candidate for the Nobel Prize!

    This is the most interesting development of a private trader ever.


    I am a big fan of you.

    (Are you the guy who moved from Germany to London years ago and employing your own developer?)

    A question:
    You have earned a lot of money with Betfair for years, successful, quiet and unobtrusive.

    Why do you publish your latest development?

    Do you suddenly have commercial intentions?

    Scalpy will be able to pull so much money from the inplay markets that the whole betfair system is affected...


  • Mir.
    16.1.2017 13:09:22

    This is only a link to the "project"... which... btw. you can develop by the Bfexplorer.
    That all.
    No additional interest on this...

  • Gmoney
    4.1.2018 12:19:33

    I'm curious to know how this Scalpy works. I have some ideas as to how it may work and would like to use Bfexplorer to achieve this.


    Does anyone know how to import Bookmakers odds from Racing Post and/or Oddschecker to bfexplorer?