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  • Stefan
    3.4.2016 16:34:24

    You already have SaveBotDataBotTrigger.


  • Stefan
    31.3.2016 15:46:51

    Miro, all bfexplorer bots manage bet IDs to track only bet/s placed by the bot.

    Your custom bot is developed as bot trigger, and bot trigger just orchestrates action bots, so if your bot trigger is programmed to manage bot/s bet position then it is able to do so, but that is not a general solution which could be done only when betfair would implement mentioned bet tagging, customerRef persistence through all relevant betfair api methods.

    If you want to extend your custom bot trigger then all action bots derived from SelectionBot expose the property: BotBetsCache

    So utilizing this BotBetsCache for all market, or selection bots, you would be able to calculate bet positions opened by individual bots.

  • Stefan
    30.3.2016 10:42:08

    Betfair api does not offer feature allowing to tag bets:

    Bot Executor as the name suggests, just executes bots, bets and bet position is managed by bots.

  • Stefan
    20.3.2016 17:46:19

    There is problem with gap detection, for now bot triggers action bot execution even if a gap is 1 tick only. In the code line:

    if selection.GetOfferedPriceDifference() >= 2

    the correct gap detection should be:

    if selection.GetOfferedPriceDifference() > 2

  • Stefan
    16.3.2016 18:20:12

    Do you actually understand what I said?

    "Drip feeding bot" is already offered in bfexplorer, and I described how you can set it up.

    What you propose to add is option to feed different size of bet stake, and I really cannot see any advantage in such bot feature, all the rest of features and “advantages” is already available in "Drip feeding bot" you can easy setup by using “Repeat Until” bot.

  • Stefan
    16.3.2016 17:05:22

    Miro, there is no complicated chaining of bots. All you need is to set Place Bet bot, and then use “Repeat Until” bot to instruct the bot how you want to repeat Place Bet bot action.

    Of course we all know what "drip feeding bot" main feature is, but I cannot see any advantage of your bot, there is no advantage in placing different stakes, so what bfexplorer already offers is efficient method to place big stake on a market.

    “Repeat Until” bot offers 3 parameters you can use to set iteration type and timeout.

  • Stefan
    16.3.2016 12:45:07

    I hope I will find some spare time in following days, will let you know when it is ready.

  • Stefan
    16.3.2016 12:43:57

    What is an advantage for this kind of bot? Drip feeding bot can be constructed by using “Place Bet” bot and “Repeat Until” bot.

    Read and watch: Base Bet Settings to Automate Trader’s Activity

  • Stefan
    14.3.2016 20:02:57

    "Execute Till Target Profit" bot or "Execute Trigger Bot" are not stopped / canceled by "Close Market Bet Position" bot.

    In your case the only option is to use "Execute Trigger Bot" custom trigger.

  • Stefan
    14.3.2016 8:52:00

    Your problem is the connection latency to betfair servers. Yes, you can improve connection latency by using VPS which is located closer to betfair servers than your home connection to betfair servers.

    On the other hand if you use VPS for manual trading you will get actually worse results, just think about it. You will get better results only when using automated betting solution with triggers/bots or automated trading solutions.

  • Stefan
    13.3.2016 17:02:47

    Did you actually test your bot running and watched the bot behavior? I do not think so because Bet Status Description is just text not updated when bet condition changes. It shows initial bot status when bot status changes.

    Execute the bot, and then report what you find out. I noticed it in many cases you just mislead others with wrong conclusions, please test bot behavior first before posting any comment or article to this forum.

  • Stefan
    13.3.2016 15:05:21

    Miro, MinimumOddsDifference and MaximumOddsDifference parameters are used before a bet is placed. If you set these parameters and values are not met then your bet is not placed.

    If you do not want to use the chase odds feature which is actually one of base features when you use calculated odds bet placing, so when PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange is set, then set ChaseOddsTimeout parameter to 1 day for instance: 1.00:00:00. This setting will effectively stop bet updating, as your bet is active on greyhounds market just for couple minutes.

  • Stefan
    13.3.2016 12:30:28

    Miro, your custom bot script had been developed without supporting StakeType parameter. Actually when your bot script was developed such bot parameter (StakeType) was not offered by bfexplorer bots.

    After I finished your custom bot I sent you the source code as well, so just have a look on function: ToObjectValue, if you want to add support for StakeType then add it to this function.

  • Stefan
    13.3.2016 12:20:37

    Miro, there is actually no problem with this bot, when bot is executed with PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange, and you set required parameters for MinimumOddsDifference and MaximumOddsDifference, then initial bet is placed only when those parameter values are met, so the bot will do exactly what you want to.

    Once a bet is placed, and if it is not fully matched, then bot updates bet odds to fulfill your requirements for bet placing at required calculated odds, but in this process the MinimumOddsDifference and MaximumOddsDifference parameters are not used, these parameters are used only for initial bet placing.

    If you require other bot behavior in this stage (when bot updates odds), then of course a custom bot must be programmed, but you did not mentioned such behavior.

  • Stefan
    10.3.2016 15:08:55

    It is clear that bot parameters setting have influence on bot behavior when placing bets, and that bet is always placed at some odds (0 is not valid odds), so set PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange to true, and OddsDifference parameters to required values, then your bot will place a bet when OddsDifference parameters are in preset range. The default value for Odds range is 1.01 to 1000.0, so bet is placed at odds calculated by using the current offered odds, and of course reflecting all other Bet Attributes parameters setting.

  • Stefan
    10.3.2016 15:05:28

    There is no support for entry criteria to be read from CSV file, on the other hand you can develop your custom bot or bot trigger, so then your bot will use whatever features you will program to betfair bot.

  • Stefan
    10.3.2016 13:55:26

    You did not set PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange parameter, therefore your bet was placed at exact odds, initially set to the Odds I described. If you wanted to place your bet in allowed odds range then why you did not set the parameter: PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange?

    I do not know what is your use case scenario for PlaceBets bot? You can simulate such behavior by using Place Bet bot and Execute on Selections bot.

  • Stefan
    10.3.2016 11:53:20

    You did not set the parameter PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange and Odds is set to 0, what means your bot should place a bet at Odds 0, right?

    In such cases bot sets Odds parameter to the current odds depending on the BetType (so Back in your case, and as OfferMyBet was set to True, the Odds was set to current offered lay price) when the bot was executed.

  • Stefan
    23.2.2016 12:06:02

    Man, SET_WINNER attribute includes all Set Winner markets, so 1, 2, and 3, 4, 5 if such markets are open during a match by betfair. SET_WINNER attribute is not something I have introduced myself to bfexplorer, it is the attribute offered by betfair api to filter markets.


    Bet Event or Bet Event Trader offers Markets toolbar button if you click on this button, all associated event markets are showed, that is the second way how you can open any associated bet event market.


  • Stefan
    22.2.2016 10:29:35

    Bfexplorer on betfair app directory.