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  • Stefan
    13.3.2016 12:30:28

    Miro, your custom bot script had been developed without supporting StakeType parameter. Actually when your bot script was developed such bot parameter (StakeType) was not offered by bfexplorer bots.

    After I finished your custom bot I sent you the source code as well, so just have a look on function: ToObjectValue, if you want to add support for StakeType then add it to this function.

  • Stefan
    13.3.2016 12:20:37

    Miro, there is actually no problem with this bot, when bot is executed with PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange, and you set required parameters for MinimumOddsDifference and MaximumOddsDifference, then initial bet is placed only when those parameter values are met, so the bot will do exactly what you want to.

    Once a bet is placed, and if it is not fully matched, then bot updates bet odds to fulfill your requirements for bet placing at required calculated odds, but in this process the MinimumOddsDifference and MaximumOddsDifference parameters are not used, these parameters are used only for initial bet placing.

    If you require other bot behavior in this stage (when bot updates odds), then of course a custom bot must be programmed, but you did not mentioned such behavior.

  • Stefan
    10.3.2016 15:08:55

    It is clear that bot parameters setting have influence on bot behavior when placing bets, and that bet is always placed at some odds (0 is not valid odds), so set PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange to true, and OddsDifference parameters to required values, then your bot will place a bet when OddsDifference parameters are in preset range. The default value for Odds range is 1.01 to 1000.0, so bet is placed at odds calculated by using the current offered odds, and of course reflecting all other Bet Attributes parameters setting.

  • Stefan
    10.3.2016 15:05:28

    There is no support for entry criteria to be read from CSV file, on the other hand you can develop your custom bot or bot trigger, so then your bot will use whatever features you will program to betfair bot.

  • Stefan
    10.3.2016 13:55:26

    You did not set PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange parameter, therefore your bet was placed at exact odds, initially set to the Odds I described. If you wanted to place your bet in allowed odds range then why you did not set the parameter: PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange?

    I do not know what is your use case scenario for PlaceBets bot? You can simulate such behavior by using Place Bet bot and Execute on Selections bot.

  • Stefan
    10.3.2016 11:53:20

    You did not set the parameter PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange and Odds is set to 0, what means your bot should place a bet at Odds 0, right?

    In such cases bot sets Odds parameter to the current odds depending on the BetType (so Back in your case, and as OfferMyBet was set to True, the Odds was set to current offered lay price) when the bot was executed.

  • Stefan
    23.2.2016 12:06:02

    Man, SET_WINNER attribute includes all Set Winner markets, so 1, 2, and 3, 4, 5 if such markets are open during a match by betfair. SET_WINNER attribute is not something I have introduced myself to bfexplorer, it is the attribute offered by betfair api to filter markets.


    Bet Event or Bet Event Trader offers Markets toolbar button if you click on this button, all associated event markets are showed, that is the second way how you can open any associated bet event market.


  • Stefan
    22.2.2016 10:29:35

    Bfexplorer on betfair app directory.

  • Stefan
    22.2.2016 10:28:03

    Betfair bespoke built software, betfair bot.

  • Stefan
    22.2.2016 10:26:00

    For betfair bot developers: Bfexplorer - Betfair BOT SDK

  • Stefan
    15.2.2016 8:58:17

    Setup your two “Place Bet” bots with parameters instructing the bot to place your bets when required odds conditions are met, and of course name your two bots settings.

    Now you can use the bot: “Execute Bots” adding your two bot names to BotNames parameter. This way you will create a bot which will execute your “Place Bet” bots.

    In the Add a new bot dialog you can find another bots used to construct your new bot by putting together more action bots, and names of these bots suggests how the action bots will be executed:

    Execute on Selections

    Execute Bots

    Execute on Associated Market

    Execute Till Target Profit

    Execute Trigger Bot

    If Then Else

    Chain Execution

    Concurrent Execution

    Repeat Until

  • Stefan
    15.2.2016 8:46:49

    Different betfair events offer different market types. Therefore if you select the event type, and other filters are set as well, you can reload market types by clicking “Reload market types” button (This button is on the left under MATCH_ODDS text in your picture), so reloaded market types will reflect your current filter setting.

    For tennis event there are quite a lot of market types, and set winner is flagged as: SET_WINNER. Such market type will Set 1 Winner, Set 2 Winner therefore if you are interested only for Set 2 Winner market you can filter such market by using grid view filters features, betfair api cannot filter only Set 2 Winner market.


  • Stefan
    12.2.2016 12:50:57

    I have just added multi value support for the GamesScore parameter. Install the latest version of bfexplorer.

  • Stefan
    8.2.2016 11:00:10

    SetsScore and PreviousSetGamesScore parameters accept multiple value entries, so sets separated by semicolon;

    In your case you should set:

    2 - 0;3 - 1;4 - 2;5 - 3;6 - 4;7 - 5;7 - 6

    It means that if any of above scores is valid, an action bot is triggered. After an action bot is triggered by tennis bot, the tennis bot ends its execution, it means that an action bot is executed (bet is placed) only once.

  • Stefan
    3.2.2016 21:00:13

    Yes, it is correct setting for trading bot. When you use ProfitLossType parameter set to Percentage, the reached percentage value at which the bot closes its bet position is calculated from bet liability and not from odds/price percentage change. So if you set Loss to 50, and your liability is for instance 10 Euro, then your bet position is closed in loss when loss is greater than or equal to 5 Euro.

    The 100% profit is never reached so you bot setting will close your bet position only when loss trigger is fired.

    I would suggest testing bot settings, only your trading bot in practice mode, to learn how bot really behaves with your current bot settings.

  • Stefan
    19.1.2016 21:55:14

    Eduardo, forgive me but the subscription issue we already discussed many times.

    You will get professional subscription paying more than for basic subscription only, if you cannot afford professional subscription, but for that I require active posting of articles or comments here on the bfexplorer forum, with at least some value for other bfexplorer users.

    This web site is also my blog, as a software developer and of course as I actively trade on betfair, I post here ideas or just what interest me, and what have some relation to sports betting.

    In this post I showed how I tested the oddschecker bot I develop for one user through freelancer. He wanted some manual for bfexplorer so with this article I showed him how to use bfexplorer.

    I posted other articles last days, for instance about bettingexpert, and those ideas could be transformed to some bots or tools, but I need discussion about such ideas, and not what you say, what can be rephrased like:

    Stefan will do/did a lot of work, and I will do nothing just try to use it and maybe I find my way to be profitable on betfair.

  • Stefan
    17.1.2016 4:18:21

    Bfexplorer implements betfair api methods for tennis live score, and by betfair T&C it covers only ATP and WTA matches. In the latest betfair news letter it was informed that Australian Open should be covered by betfair live score api.

    On betfair web site you can see live score on ITF matches at the moment, so betfair have data feeds but cover live score through betfair api only for ATP and WTA. It would be possible to parse live score data from web pages as well, so bots could work with those data instead.

    Problems you reported seems to be related to some problems on betfair api servers. I already explained that issue in my other article, and the problem is that none service on Internet is 100% reliable, you can see that on your screenshot that instead of bots are reporting score, there is missing data displayed in messages.

    Anything bfexplorer does and presents is from betfair api, when a bet operation is executed and some error occurs on betfair server, related to this bet operation, the meaningful error message is displayed as well, for instance: ERROR_IN_MATCHER, LOSS_LIMIT_EXCEEDED and so on, betfair returns 17 different error messages for bet placing and 20 for update operations.

    In the selected line there is error code returned from lower level of communication protocol, suggesting some problems with betfair api communication, so it means bfexplorer requested some bet operation on already placed bet, but this request was not processed by betfair api server.

    Let me know you understand what I have tried to explain, because I am not quite sure what is your understanding of such applications working with api. For instance, one user told me that other betfair api app has better refresh rate because this app uses VPS.

  • Stefan
    13.1.2016 23:31:31

    I have just updated web site adding promised link to check subscription details:

  • Stefan
    13.1.2016 22:54:57

    I have just checked it, login with my brother’s account and all works for me on both exchanges.

    Keep in mind that any betfair api subscription activation process is done on betfair servers. Once your betfair api subscription is activated is active till expires, and all necessary information are stored on betfair servers.

    At the moment you login through api to betfair, your valid login session is used to retrieve any data you can see in bfexplorer app, and for any action you do on befair as well through bfexplorer app, that is clear I hope. If any error message is received by bfexplorer, or any other problem occurs when dealing with betfair api data, it is always a problem with communication through betfair api and betfair servers.

    My authorization service is included only to the activation process when betfair api returns that your subscription expired, or you are a new user, a trial user, at this moment is activated your forum account on this web site as well.

    I do not know what could went wrong with your login, but as bfexplorer displayed subscription dialog I think betfair returned data that you are no active subscriber anymore. In such cases my subscription activation services activates free limited access for bfexplorer (if such user is active on bfexplorer forum, what you are). So that is what probably you noticed, on the other hand my activation service do not generate new subscription code if expiration day is still in future date, so bfexplorer returned your old subscription code, that you tried again activate with a failure, and that is clear.

    No service is 100% reliable, and that is what happened. Betfair api service were out of order for some short period maybe, or there was just some kind of malfunction in your Internet communication with betfair servers.

    I do not think restarting bfexplorer or your computer had anything to do with your problem. Well, if a problem was with the Internet connection, or with your router/modem, so with a physical hardware, then switch on/off a computer or just restarting it could help.

    I will add My Subscription Details menu to User menu on bfexplorer web site, so any user can check his/her subscription status.

  • Stefan
    11.1.2016 12:10:45

    Eduardo, links to betfair events/markets are created for domain, so for international betfair users, and are valid. For instance, this link:

    Is link to Real Real Madrid v Deportivo football match played Sat 09 Jan 8:30PM.

    The above link is valid till betfair market is active, after betfair closes the event the event Id (27641272) is not valid anymore so clicking on above link returns 404 error message.

    You are from Spain, with other jurisdiction rules for betfair. May I ask betfair users from other countries to check the above link?