Tennis Bot Issue

Hi, yesterday at night I set my tennis bots and on one occasion bot fill kill didnt work properly. It should stopped after 22 minutes since it was activated and the bet was placed at 26th minute. See the picture below. Match Cornet Bouchard. There is some strange message at approx. 23 min of starting fill kill bot , just the moment it should stopped working. ( I pasted print screen below )

Also another thing, I noticed on four occasions now that any tennis bots on ATP matches in Australian Exchange were not activated when they supposed to. Could someone check on their account if they got same issue. At first I thought I made some mistake setting the bots but it's been 4 times now and I'm using same bots on WTA matches and they are always activated. On UK exchange everything has been working fine so far.

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  • Stefan
    17.1.2016 4:18:21

    Bfexplorer implements betfair api methods for tennis live score, and by betfair T&C it covers only ATP and WTA matches. In the latest betfair news letter it was informed that Australian Open should be covered by betfair live score api.

    On betfair web site you can see live score on ITF matches at the moment, so betfair have data feeds but cover live score through betfair api only for ATP and WTA. It would be possible to parse live score data from web pages as well, so bots could work with those data instead.

    Problems you reported seems to be related to some problems on betfair api servers. I already explained that issue in my other article, and the problem is that none service on Internet is 100% reliable, you can see that on your screenshot that instead of bots are reporting score, there is missing data displayed in messages.

    Anything bfexplorer does and presents is from betfair api, when a bet operation is executed and some error occurs on betfair server, related to this bet operation, the meaningful error message is displayed as well, for instance: ERROR_IN_MATCHER, LOSS_LIMIT_EXCEEDED and so on, betfair returns 17 different error messages for bet placing and 20 for update operations.

    In the selected line there is error code returned from lower level of communication protocol, suggesting some problems with betfair api communication, so it means bfexplorer requested some bet operation on already placed bet, but this request was not processed by betfair api server.

    Let me know you understand what I have tried to explain, because I am not quite sure what is your understanding of such applications working with api. For instance, one user told me that other betfair api app has better refresh rate because this app uses VPS.