Tennis Bot Setting Up the Bot

Hi guys, I was wandering wether is possible to set up the tennis bot in the following way and if yes how to do it?

I would like to place back bet at given odds for the leading player in set 1 when the score of this set is: 2 : 0, 3 : 1, 4 : 2, 5 : 3, 6 : 4, 7 : 5 or 7:6.

However when the first bet is matched I don't want the bot to place any more bets. So for example the score of the set goes like this: 0:1, 1:1, 2:1, 3:1

bot places the back bet at given odds and it's matched, than the score is 3:2, 4:2 the bot doesn't place the bet because the first bet was already placed and

matched. Than the score goes 4:3, 5:3 and again the bot doesn't place the bet because the first bet was matched etc.

I hope my expanation it's clear enough what I have in mind. Thanks for replies.

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  • Stefan
    8.2.2016 11:00:10

    SetsScore and PreviousSetGamesScore parameters accept multiple value entries, so sets separated by semicolon;

    In your case you should set:

    2 - 0;3 - 1;4 - 2;5 - 3;6 - 4;7 - 5;7 - 6

    It means that if any of above scores is valid, an action bot is triggered. After an action bot is triggered by tennis bot, the tennis bot ends its execution, it means that an action bot is executed (bet is placed) only once.

  • Mikus79
    8.2.2016 14:09:46

    Perfect, I will have it tested tonight. Thank you Stefan for quick response.



  • Mikus79
    12.2.2016 9:45:44

     Hi Stefan, I cannot set the bot so it could work like I want. I entered multiple values entries in Games Score and I think that's why the bot is not being activated because you mentioned that only SetScore and PreviousSetGamesScore parameters accept multiple values. However in my example I wanted the bot to be activated in the current set at the particular score ( 2 - 0;3 - 1 etc ) that's why I put this values in the GamesScore. Any ideas how to solve this?

  • Stefan
    12.2.2016 12:50:57

    I have just added multi value support for the GamesScore parameter. Install the latest version of bfexplorer.

  • Mikus79
    13.2.2016 0:48:48

    Thank you Stefan, I tested it and it's working the way I wanted. Cheers